Freezable.CreateInstanceCore Freezable.CreateInstanceCore Freezable.CreateInstanceCore Freezable.CreateInstanceCore Method


파생된 클래스에서 구현 하는 경우의 새 인스턴스를 만듭니다는 Freezable 클래스를 파생 합니다.When implemented in a derived class, creates a new instance of the Freezable derived class.

 abstract System::Windows::Freezable ^ CreateInstanceCore();
protected abstract System.Windows.Freezable CreateInstanceCore ();
abstract member CreateInstanceCore : unit -> System.Windows.Freezable
Protected MustOverride Function CreateInstanceCore () As Freezable


새 인스턴스입니다.The new instance.


다음 예제에서는 일반적인 구현은 CreateInstanceCore합니다.The following example shows a typical implementation of CreateInstanceCore.

public class MyFreezable : Freezable
    // Typical implementation of CreateInstanceCore
    protected override Freezable CreateInstanceCore()
        return new MyFreezable();      

    // ...
    // Other code for the MyFreezableClass.
    // ...

Public Class MyFreezable
	Inherits Freezable
	' Typical implementation of CreateInstanceCore
	Protected Overrides Function CreateInstanceCore() As Freezable

		Return New MyFreezable()
	End Function

	' ...
	' Other code for the MyFreezableClass.
	' ...

End Class


직접 (제외 하면 기본 구현에서 호출)이이 메서드를 호출 하지 마세요.Do not call this method directly (except when calling base in an implementation). 이 메서드는 내부적으로 CreateInstance 메서드를 때마다의 새 인스턴스를 Freezable 만들어집니다.This method is called internally by the CreateInstance method whenever a new instance of the Freezable is created.

상속자 참고

모든 Freezable 파생된 클래스에서이 메서드를 구현 해야 합니다.Every Freezable derived class must implement this method. 일반적인 구현은 단순히 기본 생성자를 호출 하 고 결과 반환 하는 것입니다.A typical implementation is to simply call the default constructor and return the result.

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