Item Service for Call Quality Dashboard (CQD)

Summary: Learn about the Item Service, which is part of the Repository API for Call Quality Dashboard. Call Quality Dashboard is a tool for Skype for Business Server.

The Item Service is part of the Repository API for Call Quality Dashboard.

Item Service

Repository API offers a simple content management service, known as item service, that can be used for storing any application-defined contents for users.

The system contents are owned by the system user and shared by all users with read-only access. Dedicated user contents are owned by regular users, and only the owners can modify or delete them, but all users still have read-only access to them.


This API documentation covers read-only operations of Repository API.

Call Quality Dashboard saves Reports and Queries as Items in the repository database. An Item can have optional sub-Items, and Call Quality Dashboard organizes Reports and Queries in an hierarchical structure using sub-Items feature.

Item service includes the following concepts:

  • Item - the basic element of repository. Each Item is owned by exactly one User.

  • Sub-Item - the basic organizational mechanics of repository. Item can have zero, one, or more subordinate Items.

  • Item Ancestors - the list of Items, beginning from the top-most Item, which is the default Item of the User, leading to a given Item.

  • Item Content - the application-specific content stored in Items. Call Quality Dashboard saves JSON representations of Reports and Queries in Contents.

The REST operations are included in the following table.

Operation Description
Get Items
Get Items returns all Items in the repository.
Get Item
Get Item returns a specific Item.
Get Sub-Items
Get Sub-Items returns a specific Item's sub-Items.
Get Item Ancestors
Get Item Ancestors returns a specific Item's ancestors.
Update Item
Update a specific item in the repository.