Deploy your bot

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.]

Once you have finished designing you virtual agent, you can deploy it to a demo environment on the web or to your live website.


Newly deployed bot content won't be available immediately to end users until they restart the conversation, by refreshing the browser window, for example.

To deploy your bot to a demo environment

  1. Select Deploy in the left pane to open the Deploy page.

    Open Deploy page

  2. Select Demo website on the Deploy page. The demo website provides a sandbox environment for your team that lets them test the bot and give you feedback.

    Select demo website

    On the Deploy - Demo Website page, enter a welcome message for your bot and some examples of topic triggers to use as conversation starters for team members testing your bot, and then select Publish.

    Deploy bot

To share your bot on the demo website

  1. When you deploy your bot, Virtual Agent adds a Share your bot section to the Deploy page that includes the URL for the bot's demo website. Select Copy to copy the URL.

    Share bot

    Users can open the demo website and test the bot by pasting the URL into their browser.

  2. Test the bot on the demo website. Enter a trigger phrase at the Type your message prompt, and then follow the conversation path.

    Test bot

To deploy your bot to your own custom website

  1. If the Deploy page is not already open, select Deploy in the left pane to open it.

  2. Select Custom website on the Deploy page.

    Select custom website

    On the Deploy - Custom Website page, copy the code for the custom website and share it with your website administrator to add to the site. If you have admin permissions to the site, you can do it yourself.

    Then select Publish to publish the bot. Publishing the code ensures that your website displays the most current bot content.

    Custom message