ApplicationArea Property

Sets the application areas that apply to the control.

Applies to

  • Page field, part, and action controls

  • Report, request page, and field controls

Property Values

A text string that contains a comma-separated list of application area tags.

An application area tag must have the format name, where name is the application area. The name can be any combination of letters (Aa-Zz) and numbers (0-9) without spaces. For example, to specify the Basic and Fixed Assets application areas, set the property to Basic, FixedAssets.

If the control applies to all application areas, you can set the property to All. This means that the control will always appear in the user interface.


ApplicationArea = All;


The ApplicationArea property is used together with the ApplicationArea method to hide user interface elements.

If one or more application areas are enabled in a session, any controls that are not tagged with an application area will not appear in the user interface.

Dependent Property

The UsageCategory property is a required setting used together with the ApplicationArea property. This enables a page or a report to be avaiable in Search for the navigation support. For more information about navigation support, see Adding Pages and Reports to Search.

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