TableUpdateMode Enum


public enum TableUpdateMode
type TableUpdateMode = 
Public Enum TableUpdateMode


Merge 0

Merge the properties of the supplied entity with the entity in the table.

Replace 1

Replace the entity in the table with the supplied entity.


To expand on the behavior of the modes, consider a scenario where the table already contains an entity with 2 user defined properties named "Price" and "Description" and the entity passed to the method only defines the "Price" property. If the Replace mode is specified, the entity will be replaced with the specified version containing only the "Price" property. We have effectively updated the "Price" property and removed the "Description" property. If the Merge mode is specified, the existing entity is merged with the properties defined in entity passed to the method. In this case, we have effectively updated the "Price" property and left the "Description" property unchanged.

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