Share files and videos

When you need to control who can view and who can edit your files, you need to store the files in a secure location, where you can make sure permissions are applied appropriately. You can use Microsoft Teams to store your files, and then share the files either inside or outside of your firm, practice, or campaign by using Microsoft Teams or by sending SharePoint links. Sending a link rather than an email attachment means that you know who is viewing and modifying the files, and they can't be viewed or modified without your permission.

Diagram of a Microsoft Teams window, showing Files tab and Get link on the menu.

With your files in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, you can also work on the files together and review each other's changes. Use Microsoft Teams to share files inside of a firm, practice, or campaign. If you need to share externally with people outside your organization, you can add them as guests to a team or send them a secure SharePoint link.

You can also use Microsoft Stream to store and share videos internally. These videos are not viewable to the public so they are ideal for internal campaign messaging.

Best practices

Use these methods to share files and videos securely:

  1. Store files in Microsoft Teams or SharePoint, and make sure that only the people who need access to those files have them.
  2. When you want to share, don't attach files to an email. Instead, choose Get link from Microsoft Teams or SharePoint and send the link in email.
  3. To share a file externally, add the user as a guest to your team, or use SharePoint to get a secure link to share just that file.
  4. Use Microsoft Stream to host videos you want your campaign to see.
  5. Use Microsoft Teams or SharePoint to store video files you need your team to collaborate on or share.

Set up

To create a team and add guests, like advertisers or financing partners, to it, follow these steps.

To share a secure link with a guest, without using Microsoft Teams, follow these steps.

To create and share videos, follow these steps.

Download an infographic in PDF or PowerPoint to get a quick overview of ways to share your files.

An illustration of sharing files with different users.