Microsoft Information Governance in Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 licensing guidance for security & compliance.

Use Microsoft Information Governance (sometimes abbreviated to MIG) capabilities to govern your data for compliance or regulatory requirements.

From a licensing perspective, there can be considerable overlap between information governance, records management, and data connectors. All three areas support retention and deletion of data in Microsoft 365. Connectors are used by compliance solutions other than information governance and records management.

Use the following graphic to help you identify the main configurable components for these three different solutions that each have their own node in the compliance center:

Main components to manage for Microsoft Information Goevernance.

Looking to protect your data? See Microsoft Information Protection in Microsoft 365.

Information governance

To keep what you need and delete what you don't:

Capability What problems does it solve? Get started
Retention policies for Microsoft 365 workloads, with retention labels for exceptions Retain or delete content with policy management for email, documents, Teams and Yammer messages Create and configure retention policies

Create retention labels for exceptions to your retention policies
Archive mailboxes Provides users with additional mailbox storage space Enable archive mailboxes
Inactive mailboxes Retain mailbox content after employees leave the organization so that this content remains accessible to administrators, compliance officers, and records managers Create and manage inactive mailboxes
Import service for PST files Bulk-import PST files to Exchange Online mailboxes to retain and search email messages for compliance or regulatory requirements Use network upload to import your organization's PST files to Microsoft 365

Records management

Lifecycle management of high-value items for legal, business, or regulatory obligations:

Capability What problems does it solve? Get started
Records management A single solution for email and documents that incorporates flexible retention and deletion schedules and requirements to support the full lifecycle of your content with records declaration and defensible disposition when needed Get started with records management

Connectors for third-party data

Extend your compliance tools to imported and archived third-party data from social media platforms, instant messaging platforms, and document collaboration platforms:

Capability What problems does it solve? Get started
Data connectors Import, archive, and apply compliance solutions to third-party data from social media platforms, instant messaging platforms, and document collaboration platforms Third-party connectors

Licensing requirements

License requirements for Microsoft Information Governance depend on the scenarios and features you use, rather than set licensing requirements for each capability listed on this page. To understand your licensing requirements and options, see the following sections from the Microsoft 365 licensing documentation:

Any additional licensing requirements will be included in the documentation instructions. For example, licensing specific to managing mailboxes might require licenses from Exchange Online.