Exercise - Copy files with flows

At some point, most of us have needed to copy files from one storage service to another. Power Automate makes it easy to automatically move and copy files between two services, like Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive.

In this unit, you'll use a flow template to copy files from your personal OneDrive to Microsoft OneDrive for Business. Power Automate must have permissions to your OneDrive folders to do this.

Create a flow that copies files

  1. Sign in to Power Automate by using your organizational account.

  2. Select My flows.

  3. Select New, and then select Create from template.

    Create from template

  4. Scroll down, and select Copy files to OneDrive for Business when they're added to OneDrive.

    You can also quickly find this template by entering OneDrive for Business in the search field.

  5. Select Continue.

  6. In the OneDrive Folder field, select the folder button.

    Folder button

  7. Select the OneDrive folder that files should be copied from.

  8. In the OneDrive for Business Folder Path field, select the folder button, and then select the folder that files should be copied to.

  9. Select Create Flow.

  10. To change the flow, select Edit flow.

Now, whenever a file is put in the selected folder on OneDrive, it will be copied to the selected folder on OneDrive for Business.