AuthenticationCredentials AuthenticationCredentials AuthenticationCredentials AuthenticationCredentials Class


Represents client-side user logon credentials.

public ref class AuthenticationCredentials sealed
public sealed class AuthenticationCredentials
type AuthenticationCredentials = class
Public NotInheritable Class AuthenticationCredentials


AuthenticationCredentials() AuthenticationCredentials() AuthenticationCredentials() AuthenticationCredentials()

Initializes a new instance of the AuthenticationCredentials class.


AppliesTo AppliesTo AppliesTo AppliesTo

Gets or sets the scope that a security token request applies to, as defined in the WS-Trust specification.

ClientCredentials ClientCredentials ClientCredentials ClientCredentials

Gets or sets the service credential authentication settings for use on the client side of communication.

HomeRealm HomeRealm HomeRealm HomeRealm

Gets or sets the identity provider address.

SecurityTokenResponse SecurityTokenResponse SecurityTokenResponse SecurityTokenResponse

Gets or sets the security token response.

SupportingCredentials SupportingCredentials SupportingCredentials SupportingCredentials

Gets or sets additional credentials required by the site.

UserPrincipalName UserPrincipalName UserPrincipalName UserPrincipalName

Gets or sets the UPN that is an internet-style login name for a user based on the Internet standard RFC 822.

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