Shifts for Teams

Teams gives Firstline Workers in your organization the tools they need to communicate and collaborate effectively and do their best work. Here you'll find the admin guidance you need to set up and manage Shifts, the schedule management tool, in Teams.

Set up and manage Shifts for your organization

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Shifts extensions

api Shift Graph APIs Shifts Graph APIs allow you to integrate Shifts data with external workforce management systems, providing you the flexibility to build custom Shifts experiences in the back end, while giving users a rich, front-end experience in Teams.
api Workforce management integrations If you're using third-party workforce management systems, such as Kronos and JDA, for scheduling, time, and attendance, you can integrate directly with Shifts through Shifts Graph APIs and SDK with open source integrations.
api Shifts + Power Automate Shifts + Power Automate lets you take info from Shifts and create custom workflows with other apps and perform operations at scale. Automate key processes with little to no code. The triggers and templates support a variety of scenarios such as enabling auto-approvals for shift requests when a manager’s approval isn't needed.
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