Xamarin.Forms Tutorials

This page links to tutorials for learning about the basics of creating mobile applications with Xamarin.Forms. For the full Xamarin.Forms documentation, see Xamarin.Forms Documentation.


  • StackLayout

    Learn how to organize views in a one-dimensional stack, either horizontally or vertically.
  • Grid

    Learn how to organize views into rows and columns, which can have proportional or absolute sizes.


  • Label

    Learn how to display text, in both single and multiple lines.
  • Button

    Learn how to respond to a tap or click of a button, that directs an application to carry out a particular task.
  • Entry

    Learn how to accept single-line text input.
  • Editor

    Learn how to accept multi-line text input.
  • Image

    Learn how to display images on a page.
  • ListView

    Learn how to present lists of data.

App Fundamentals

  • Pop-ups

    Learn how to display alerts and action sheets with Xamarin.Forms, to ask users simple questions, and to guide users through tasks.
  • App lifecycle

    Learn about the Xamarin.Forms app lifecycle, and how to persist data across lifecycle state changes.
  • Local database

    Learn how to use the SQLite.NET NuGet package to incorporate local database operations into an app.
  • Web services

    Learn how to consume REST-based web services from Xamarin.Forms.