Install the Azure SDK for Python

The Azure SDK for Python provides an API through which you can interact with Azure from Python code. You can install individual libraries from the SDK depending on your needs, or you can install the complete set of libraries together.

The Azure SDK for Python is tested and supported with CPython versions 2.7 and 3.5.3+, and with PyPy 5.4+. Developers also use the SDK with other interpreters such as IronPython and Jython, but you may encounter isolated issues and incompatibilities. If you need a Python interpreter, install the latest version from

Install SDK libraries using pip

The Azure SDK for Python is composed of a number of individual libraries that each provision or work with specific Azure services. You can install each one using pip install <library> with the names shown in the SDK library list. (That list provides links to helpful README files for each library.)

For example, if you're using Azure Storage, you might install the azure-storage-file, azure-storage-blob, or azure-storage-queue library. If you're using Azure Cosmos DB tables, install azure-cosmosdb-table. Azure Functions is supported through the azure-functions library, and so on. Those libraries that begin with azure-mgmt- provide you with the API for provisioning Azure resources.

Install specific library versions

If you need to install a specific version of a library, specify the version on the command line:

pip install azure-storage-blob==12.0.0

Install preview packages

Microsoft regularly releases preview SDK libraries that support upcoming features. To install the latest preview of a library, include the --pre flag on the command line.

# Install all preview versions of the Azure SDK for Python
pip install --pre azure

# Install the preview version for azure-storage-blob only.
pip install --pre azure-storage-blob

Verify SDK installation details with pip

Use the pip show <library> command to verify that a library has been installed. If the library is install, the command displays version and other summary information. If the library is not installed, the command displays nothing.

# Check installation of the Azure SDK for Python
pip show azure

# Check installation of a specific library
pip show azure-storage-blob

You can also use pip freeze or pip list to see all the libraries that are installed in your current Python environment.

Uninstall Azure SDK for Python libraries

To uninstall an individual library, use pip uninstall <library>.

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