Overview of the Commercial Marketplace Portal in Partner Center

Welcome to the Commercial Marketplace Portal in Partner Center. The commercial marketplace portal helps you monetize your products and services, reach customers, and grow your business.

These articles cover the basics of creating and using your Partner Center account. This includes creating new offers that can be listed on Azure Marketplace or AppSource, managing your existing offers that were migrated from the Cloud Partner Portal, and providing resources to help with questions and collect your feedback.

About the commercial marketplace

Enterprises, governments, and organizations of all sizes find business solutions, innovative technology, and enablement services through the Azure Marketplace and AppSource web stores, Azure portal's in-product experience, Cloud Solution Providers, and Microsoft Sales teams.

Partner Center is the hub of a Microsoft partner experience. For organizations who go to market with Microsoft and take advantage of the commercial marketplace, Partner Center is the portal which publishers use to create and manage offers, provide test drive demonstrations, and view analytics on offer performance.

Migration from the Cloud Partner Portal

Partner Center is evolving to better integrate all aspects of our relationship with software publishers. As part of this evolution, we have migrated all commercial marketplace offer management from the Cloud Partner Portal to Partner Center.

Existing publishers who previously used the Cloud Partner Portal will find a familiar but improved and intuitive user experience with Partner Center. Users will be seamlessly directed to the appropriate location. Customers won't be affected by this partner experience upgrade.

Improvements on publishing and offer management user experience

With the transition to Partner Center, new functionality is available to publishers, in addition to improvements on the user experience. For details, see Frequently asked questions for migrating from Cloud Partner Portal to Partner Center.

Account and user management updates

Account and user management in Partner Center make it easy for you to access the portal and for administrators to apply appropriate permissions. Compared to prior offer management portals, the role-based access control capabilities in Partner Center provide security enhancements that make the publishing process simpler for large organizations.

Improved certification experience

Partner Center provides an improved certification experience. Certification now uses automation and machine learning for improved turnaround times and quicker processing. Maintaining accuracy will remain a top priority, ensuring that the marketplace is safe and contains valuable offers for our customers. Requirements won't change, but now when you submit offers through Partner Center, you'll receive more detailed and descriptive certification reports that reference public-facing policies.

Analytics for performance reporting

Partner Center analytics provides a view into the performance of your offers and improved reporting tools. Publishers can monitor sales using the data visualization and insight graphs to optimize listings. The improved analytics tools let you act on performance results and maintain better relationships with customers and resellers.

View the roadmap and join the conversation

Learn more about recent and future releases by visiting the Microsoft commercial marketplace roadmap, or join the conversation in the Microsoft Partner Community.

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