Set up Microsoft 365 Business Premium

After you have started a trial or purchased Microsoft 365 Business Premium, your next step is to get everything set up. You have several options available. You can:

Before you begin

Make sure that you meet the following requirements before you begin your setup process:

Requirement Description
Subscription Microsoft 365 Business Premium or Microsoft 365 for Campaigns

To start a trial or purchase your subscription, see the following articles:
- Get Microsoft 365 Business Premium
- Get Microsoft 365 for Campaigns
Permissions To complete the initial setup process, you must be a Global Admin. Learn more about admin roles.
Browser requirements Microsoft Edge, Safari, Chrome or Firefox. Learn more about browser requirements.
Operating system Windows: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2019 or later, or Windows Server 2016

macOS: One of the three most recent versions of macOS


For more detailed information about Microsoft 365, Office, and system requirements, see Microsoft 365 and Office Resources.

Guided setup process

Microsoft 365 Business Premium includes a guided process. The following video shows the guided setup process for Microsoft 365 Business Standard, which also applies to Microsoft 365 Business Premium.


After you have added users, give them a link to the Employee quick setup guide. The guide walks them through signing in, getting Office apps, and saving, copying, and sharing files.

Work with a Microsoft partner

If you'd prefer to have a Microsoft partner help you get and set up Microsoft 365, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Solution Providers page (

  2. In the search box, fill in your location and company size.

  3. In the Search for products, services, skills, industries box, put Microsoft 365, and then select Go.

  4. Review the list of results. Select a provider to learn more about their expertise and the services they provide.

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