使用语音运行 HoloLensUse your voice to operate HoloLens

你可以使用语音在 HoloLens 上执行几乎任何操作,例如拍摄快照或打开应用。You can use your voice to do almost anything on HoloLens, such as taking a quick photo or opening an app. 许多语音命令内置于 HoloLens 中,其他的语音命令则可通过 Cortana 实现。Many voice commands are built into HoloLens, while others are available through Cortana.

本文将告诉你如何通过语音和 Cortana 来控制 HoloLens 和你的全息世界。This article teaches you how to control HoloLens and your holographic world with your voice and with Cortana.


语音功能仅支持某些语言Speech is only supported in some languages. 语音语言基于 Windows 显示语言,而非键盘语言。The speech language is based on the Windows display language, not the keyboard language.

你可以通过选择设置 > 时间和语言 > 语言来验证 Windows 显示语言。You can verify the Windows display language by selecting Settings > Time and Language > Language.

内置语音命令Built-in voice commands

使用以下基本命令可以更快地操作 HoloLens。Get around HoloLens faster with these basic commands. 要使用这些命令,需要在首次运行设备时启用语音,或在 “设置” > “隐私” > “语音” 中启用语音。In order to use these, you need to enable Speech during the first run of the device or in Settings > Privacy > Speech. 你可以通过查看“开始”菜单顶部的状态,随时检查是否启用了语音功能。You can always check whether speech is enabled by looking at the status at the top of the Start menu. 为了获得最佳语音识别效果,HoloLens 2 使用基于 Microsoft 云的服务。For the best speech recognition results, HoloLens 2 uses the Microsoft cloud-based services. 但是,你可以使用“设置”来禁用此功能。However, you can use Settings to disable this feature. 若要执行此操作,请在“设置”中关闭在线语音识别To do this, in Settings, turn off Online speech recognition. 更改此设置后,HoloLens 2 将仅在本地处理语音数据以识别命令和听写,并且 Cortana 将不可用。After you change this setting, HoloLens 2 will only process voice data locally to recognize commands and dictation, and Cortana will not be available.

常规语音命令General speech commands

在整个 Windows Mixed Reality 中使用这些命令,以便更快地进行访问。Use these commands throughout Windows Mixed Reality to get around faster. 某些命令使用凝视光标,说出“选择”即可调出该光标。Some commands use the gaze cursor, which you bring up by saying "select."


HoloLens(第一代)不支持手控光线。Hand rays are not supported on HoloLens (1st Gen).

说出语音指令Say this 实际执行操作To do this
“选择”"Select" 说出“选择”以调出凝视光标。Say "select" to bring up the gaze cursor. 然后,转动头部,将光标放在你想要选择的内容上,然后再次说 “选择”。Then, turn your head to position the cursor on the thing you want to select, and say "select" again.
“去开始菜单”"Go to Start" 打开“开始”菜单Open the Start menu
“关闭”"Close" 关闭“开始”菜单Close the Start menu
说出“去开始菜单”以调出快速操作菜单,然后说出“混合现实主页”。Say "Go to Start" to bring up the quick actions menu, then say "Mixed reality home." 离开沉浸式应用Leave an immersive app
“隐藏手部射线”/“显示手部射线”"Hide hand ray" / "Show hand ray" 隐藏和显示手部射线Hide and show hand ray
“我可以说什么?”"What can I say?" 查看可用的语音命令See available speech commands

自 HoloLens 2 版本 19041.x 起,还可以使用下面这些命令:Starting with version 19041.x of HoloLens 2, you can also use these commands:

说出语音指令Say this 具体方法为To do this
“重启设备”"Restart device" 打开对话框,以确认你要重启设备。Bring up a dialogue to confirm you want to restart the device. 若要重启,可以说“是”。You can say "yes" to restart.
“关闭设备”"Shutdown device" 打开对话框,以确认你要关闭设备。Bring up a dialogue to confirm you want to turn off the device. 若要确认,可以说“是”。You can say "yes" to confirm.
“增加亮度/降低亮度”"Brightness up/down" 将显示器亮度增加或降低 10%。Increase or decrease the display brightness by 10%.
“调高音量/调低音量”"Volume up/down" 将音量调高或调低 10%。Increase or decrease the volume by 10%.
“我的 IP 地址是什么”"What's my IP address" 打开对话框,其中显示设备在本地网络上的当前 IP 地址。Bring up a dialogue displaying your device's current IP address on the local network.
“拍摄照片”"Take a picture" 拍摄当前所见内容的混合现实照片。Capture a mixed reality photo of what you are currently seeing.
“拍摄视频”"Take a video" 开始录制混合现实视频。Start recording a mixed reality video.
“停止录制”"Stop recording" 停止当前的混合现实视频录制(若有正在进行中)。Stops the current mixed reality video recording if one is in progress.

全息影像命令Hologram commands

要使用这些命令,请凝视 3D 对象、全息影像或应用窗口。To use these commands, gaze at a 3D object, hologram, or app window.

说出语音指令Say this 实际执行操作To do this
“放大”"Bigger" 将其放大Make it bigger
“缩小”"Smaller" 将其缩小Make it smaller
“正面朝我”"Face me" 调转目标,使其正面朝向自己Turn it to face you
“移动此项”"Move this" 移动目标(跟随你的凝视点而移动)Move it (follow your gaze)
“关闭”"Close" 将其关闭Close it
“跟我走”/“停下来”"Follow me" / "Stop following" 使其跟随你移动Make it follow you as you move around

看到什么,就说什么See it, say it

HoloLens 中的许多按钮和其他元素也会响应你的语音 - 例如,应用栏上的跟我走关闭或 Edge 中的后退按钮。Many buttons and other elements on HoloLens also respond to your voice—for example, Follow me and Close on the app bar, or the Back button in Edge. 如果要了解一个按钮是否启用语音功能,请将凝视光标触摸光标或一条手部射线停留在该按钮上一会儿。To find out if a button is voice-enabled, rest your gaze cursor, touch cursor or one hand ray on it for a moment. 如果该按钮已启用语音功能,你将看到语音提示。If the button is voice-enabled, you'll see a voice tip.

听写模式Dictation mode

厌倦了打字?Tired of typing? 在全息键盘启用后可随时切换到听写模式。Switch to dictation mode anytime that the holographic keyboard is active. 如果要开始听写,请选择麦克风按钮或说“开始听写”。To get started, select the microphone button or say "Start dictating." 若要停止听写,请再次选择该按钮或说“停止听写”。To stop dictating, select the button again or say "Stop dictating." 若要删除刚才听写的内容,请说“删除那个”。To delete what you just dictated, say "Delete that."


若要使用听写模式,你必须具有 Internet 连接。To use dictation mode, you have to have an internet connection.

HoloLens 听写使用明确的标点符号,也就是说,你需要说出要使用的标点符号的名称。HoloLens dictation uses explicit punctuation, meaning that you say the name of the punctuation you want to use. 例如,可以说“你好逗号你在忙什么呢问号”。For instance, you might say "Hey comma what are you up to question mark."

下面是你可以使用的标点关键字:Here are the punctuation keywords that you can use:

  • 句号、逗号、问号、感叹号Period, comma, question mark, exclamation point/exclamation mark
  • 换行/新段落New line/new paragraph
  • 分号、冒号Semicolon, colon
  • 左引号、右引号Open quote(s), close quote(s)
  • 井号标签、微笑/笑脸、悲伤、眨眼Hashtag, smiley/smiley face, frowny, winky
  • 美元、百分比Dollar, percent

有时,拼写出像电子邮件地址之类的内容很有用。Sometimes it's helpful to spell out things like email addresses. 例如,若要对 example@outlook.com 进行听写,可以说“E X A M P L E at outlook dot com”。For instance, to dictate example@outlook.com, you'd say "E X A M P L E at outlook dot com."

通过 Cortana 执行更多操作Do more with Cortana

Cortana 有助于在 HoloLens 上执行各种操作,但具体功能可能因所使用的 Windows Holographic 版本而有所不同。Cortana can help you do all kinds of things on your HoloLens, but depending on which version of Windows Holographic you're using, the capabilities may be different. 可在此处了解更多有关最新版本 Cortana 更新功能的信息:即 Cortana 在即将发布的 Windows 10 版本中:通过增强安全性和隐私性来专注于生产力You can learn more about the updated capabilities of the latest version of Cortana here: Cortana in the upcoming Windows 10 release: focused on your productivity with enhanced security and privacy.


你可以尝试使用以下语音操作(请记住首先说“你好小娜”)。Here are some things you can try saying (remember to say "Hey Cortana" first).

你好小娜...Hey, Cortana...

  • 我可以说什么?What can I say?
  • 启动 <应用名称>。Launch <app name>.
  • 几点了?What time is it?
  • 显示最新 NBA 比分。Show me the latest NBA scores.
  • 给我讲个笑话。Tell me a joke.

如果使用的是版本 18362.x 或更低版本,还可以使用下面这些命令:If you're using version 18362.x or earlier, you can also use these commands:

你好小娜...Hey, Cortana...

  • 提高音量。Increase the volume.
  • 降低亮度。Decrease the brightness.
  • 关闭。Shut down.
  • 重启。Restart.
  • 进入睡眠状态。Go to sleep.
  • 静音。Mute.
  • 将 <应用名称> 移动到此处(凝视你希望应用移动到的位置)。Move <app name> here (gaze at the spot that you want the app to move to).
  • 去开始菜单。Go to Start.
  • 拍摄照片。Take a picture.
  • 开始录制。Start recording. (开始录制视频。)(Starts recording a video.)
  • 停止录制。Stop recording. (停止录制视频。)(Stops recording a video.)
  • 我还剩多少电量?How much battery do I have left?

在 Windows 电脑或手机中常用的某些 Cortana 功能(例如,提醒和通知),在 Microsoft HoloLens 上并不支持,并且 Cortana 体验可能因地区而异。Some Cortana features that you're used to from Windows on your PC or phone (for example, reminders and notifications) aren't supported in Microsoft HoloLens, and the Cortana experience may vary from one region to another.

关闭 CortanaTurn Cortana off

如果启用了语音功能,则第一次使用 HoloLens 时就会开启 Cortana。Cortana is on the first time you use HoloLens when you enable speech. 你可以在 Cortana 的设置中将其关闭。You can turn her off in Cortana's settings. 所有应用列表中,选择 Cortana > 设置In the All apps list, select Cortana > Settings. 然后关闭“Cortana 可以为你提供建议、想法、提醒、通知等”。Then turn off Cortana can give you suggestions, ideas, reminders, alerts, and more.

如果 Cortana 未对“你好小娜”作出响应,请检查是否已启用语音功能,并转到 Cortana 的设置进行检查,确保其处于打开状态。If Cortana isn't responding to "Hey Cortana," check that speech is enabled on Start and go to Cortana's settings and check to make sure she's on.