Microsoft Docs contributor guide overview

Welcome to the (Docs) Contributor Guide!

About this guide

Here you'll find all of the information you need to contribute to Docs articles, by using the Microsoft Open Publishing Services (OPS) platform and the supporting tools and processes.

The table of contents to your left is designed to help you get started and be productive contributing to Microsoft Docs. The introductory articles provide a quick start for the tasks that are common to any contribution activity. Later articles are specific to different tasks, and you should focus on the section that describes the activity that interests you. Many of the articles can also serve as reference content, which you might want to save as a favorite/bookmark in your browser. Also note that there are several links to other sites, which will take you to pages that are off the domain and outside this guide.

Contribution tasks

There are several ways to contribute to docs:

All our public repositories are hosted on GitHub and written in Markdown. You'll need the following to contribute:

  1. If you don't already have one, create a GitHub account.
  2. Docs articles are written in a markup language called Markdown. You should have a basic understanding of Markdown syntax.

Quick start to propose an article change

If you don't have time to digest the entire guide or install tools, and you just need to make a minor contribution, here are the essentials. Use the web editing workflow to submit your contribution via a GitHub pull request. You'll be editing the content and submitting the PR in the browser.

Additional ways to contribute to content

You can learn more about the different tasks in our article on how to contribute.