TabStops.ClearAll 方法 (Word)TabStops.ClearAll method (Word)

清除指定段落中的所有自定义制表位。Clears all the custom tab stops from the specified paragraphs.


expressionexpression. ClearAll

expression:必需。expression Required. 代表TabStops集合的变量。A variable that represents a 'TabStops' collection.


若要清除单个制表位,请使用TabStop对象的Clear方法。To clear an individual tab stop, use the Clear method of the TabStop object. ClearAll 方法并不清除默认的制表位。The ClearAll method doesn't clear the default tab stops. 操作的默认选项卡将停止,使用 DefaultTabStop 属性的文档。To manipulate the default tab stops, use the DefaultTabStop property for the document.


本示例清除活动文档中的所有自定义制表位。This example clears all the custom tab stops in the active document.


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