TablesOfAuthorities 对象 (Word)TablesOfAuthorities object (Word)

TableOfAuthorities 对象 (TOA 字段) 的集合,该集合代表文档中的引文。A collection of TableOfAuthorities objects (TOA fields) that represents the tables of authorities in a document.


TablesOfAuthorities属性用于返回TablesOfAuthorities集合。Use the TablesOfAuthorities property to return the TablesOfAuthorities collection. 下例将古典内置格式应用于活动文档的引文目录中的所有表。The following example applies the Classic built-in format to all the tables of authorities in the active document.

ActiveDocument.TablesOfAuthorities.Format = wdTOAClassic

使用Add方法添加到文档中的引文目录。Use the Add method to add a table of authorities to a document. 从文档中的 TA (引文目录项) 域生成的引文目录。A table of authorities is built from TA (Table of Authorities Entry) fields in a document. 下面的示例将添加一个包含活动文档的开头的所有类别的引文。The following example adds a table of authorities that includes all categories at the beginning of the active document.

Set myRange = ActiveDocument.Range(Start:=0, End:=0) 
ActiveDocument.TablesOfAuthorities.Add Range:=myRange, _ 
 Passim:=True, Category:=0, EntrySeparator:= ", "

TablesOfAuthorities (Index),其中 Index 是索引号,用于返回一个TableOfAuthorities对象。Use TablesOfAuthorities (Index), where Index is the index number, to return a single TableOfAuthorities object. 索引号代表文档中引文目录的位置。The index number represents the position of the table of authorities in the document. 下面的示例在活动文档中第一个引文中插入分类页眉,然后更新该目录。The following example includes category headers in the first table of authorities in the active document and then updates the table.

With ActiveDocument.TablesOfAuthorities(1) 
 .IncludeCategoryHeader = True 
End With

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