SharePoint 的工作流操作和活动引用Workflow actions and activities reference for SharePoint

了解在 SharePoint Designer 2013 中创建的工作流可用的工作流操作,以及使用 Visual Studio 2008 的工作流开发人员可用的工作流活动类。Learn about the workflow actions that are available for workflow authoring in SharePoint Designer 2013, and the workflow activity classes that are available to workflow developers using Visual Studio 2012.

工作流活动和操作Workflow activities and actions

工作流活动表示代码级的对象,这些对象处理对驱动工作流行为的多个 API 的方法调用。您使用 或其他开发环境与代码中的工作流交互。Workflow activities represent the code-level objects that handle method calls to the various APIs that drive workflow behaviors. You interact with workflow activities in code, using or another development environment.

有关可用活动的列表,请参阅 SharePoint 中的工作流活动类For a list of available activities, see Workflow activity classes in SharePoint.

另一方面,工作流操作是封装这些基础活动并将其以用户友好的方式呈现在 SharePoint Designer 中的包装对象。您在 SharePoint Designer 中与工作流操作交互。On the other hand, workflow actions are wrapper objects that encapsulate these underlying activities and present them in a user-friendly form in SharePoint Designer. You interact with workflow actions in SharePoint Designer.

有关可用工作流操作的列表,请参阅 工作流操作快速参考(SharePoint 工作流平台)可使用工作流互操作性桥执行的工作流操作For a list of available workflow actions, see Workflow actions quick reference (SharePoint Workflow platform) and Workflow actions available using the workflow interop bridge.

Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0 活动Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0 activities

尽管 SharePoint 平台和基础架构为您提供了特别构造的活动类,以便创建自定义 SharePoint 工作流,但是您还可以使用 Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) 4.0 提供的任一活动。 System.Activities.Statements 命名空间中的 Microsoft .NET Framework 4 中提供了这些 WF 4.0 活动类。Although the SharePoint platform and infrastructure provide you with specially crafted activity classes for creating custom SharePoint workflows, you can also use any of the activities that are provided by Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) 4.0. These WF 4.0 activity classes are available in the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 in the System.Activities.Statements namespace.

WF 4.0 活动类提供一些您在 SharePoint 活动类库中可能找不到的有用功能。例如,WF 4.0 包括 If 类,该类可让您创建条件活动。此外,您还可以使用 System.ServiceModel.Activities.Send 活动连接到 Web 服务。The WF 4.0 activity classes provide some useful features that you may not find in the SharePoint activity class library. For example, WF 4.0 includes the If class, which allows you to create conditional activities. Additionally, you can use the System.ServiceModel.Activities.Send activity to connect to web services.

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