Microsoft Teams 培训Microsoft Teams training

管理员培训Admin training
在这些教程、视频和其他培训资源中了解 Teams 并促进其在你的组织内的使用。Use these tutorials, videos, and other training resources to learn about Teams and drive usage in your org.
Teams 实时培训Teams live training
Microsoft 主持的免费实时在线培训课程专为帮助你使用 Teams 实现起步和发展。Microsoft-hosted free, live, online training classes designed to get you up and running with Teams. 加入我们,以查看 Teams 的实际应用,获取问题的答案并与我们的导师实时互动。Join us to see Teams in action, get your questions answered, and interact with our live instructors.
Teams 联机培训Teams online training
利用这些自学培训资源来帮助组织内部用户充分利用 Teams。Use these self-paced training resources to help users in your get the most out of Teams.

不要错过这些关键培训服务Don't miss these key training offerings

经常返回查看 - 我们将持续更新此列表,让你始终了解最新、最酷、最重要的 Teams 培训。Check back frequently - we'll keep updating this list so you'll always know about the latest, coolest, most important Teams training.

支持远程工作人员Support remote workers
获取所需指南,包括培训链接,为在家办公的用户提供支持。Get the guidance you need - including links to training - to support your users who are working from home.

面向 IT 人员的 Teams 精选资源Teams Essentials for IT
Microsoft Mechanics“面向 IT 人员的 Teams”系列视频向作为管理员的你展示了如何部署、配置和管理 Teams。Microsoft Mechanics "Teams for IT" video series shows you - the admin - how to roll out, configure, and manage Teams.

课程:使用 Teams 开启团队合作Course: Enabling Teamwork with Teams

采用专家认证Adoption specialist certification
Microsoft 服务采用专家认证课程以 Teams 为特色。The Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist Certification course features Teams. 了解如何推动你所在组织采用 Microsoft 服务。Learn how to drive adoption of Microsoft services in your org.

Microsoft 365 中的团队合作简介Introduction to teamwork in Microsoft 365
了解可促进所有工作人员开展团队合作的 Microsoft 365 工具(无论它们位于何处或如何接入你的组织)。Learn about the Microsoft 365 tools that facilitate teamwork for all workers, no matter where they're located or how they connect to your org.

Microsoft 365 认证:团队合作管理员协会Microsoft 365 Certified: Teamwork Administrator Associate
Microsoft 365 团队合作管理员可配置、部署和管理 Microsoft 365 或 Office 365 工作负载,如 SharePoint(联机、本地和混合版本)、OneDrive 和 Teams。Microsoft 365 Teamwork Administrators configure, deploy, and manage Microsoft 365 or Office 365 workloads, such as SharePoint (online, on-premises, and hybrid), OneDrive, and Teams.