Analysis Services 是什么?What is Analysis Services?

适用于: SQL Server Analysis Services Azure Analysis Services Power BI Premium

Analysis Services 是在决策支持和业务分析中使用的分析数据引擎(Vertipaq)。Analysis Services is an analytical data engine (Vertipaq) used in decision support and business analytics. 它为商业智能(BI)、数据分析和报告应用程序(例如 Power BI、Excel、Reporting Services 和其他数据可视化工具)提供企业级语义数据模型功能。It provides enterprise-grade semantic data model capabilities for business intelligence (BI), data analysis, and reporting applications such as Power BI, Excel, Reporting Services, and other data visualization tools. 不同平台提供 Analysis Services:Analysis Services is available in different platforms:

SQL Server Analysis Services安装为本地或 VM 服务器实例,SQL Server Analysis Services 支持所有兼容级别的表格模型(取决于版本)、多维模型、数据挖掘和 SharePoint Power Pivot。SQL Server Analysis Services - Installed as an on-premises or VM server instance, SQL Server Analysis Services supports tabular models at all compatibility levels (depending on version), multidimensional models, data mining, and Power Pivot for SharePoint.

Azure Analysis Services创建为 Azure 资源,Azure Analysis Services 服务器资源支持1200和更高兼容级别的表格模型。Azure Analysis Services - Created as an Azure resource, Azure Analysis Services server resources support tabular models at the 1200 and higher compatibility levels. 支持 DirectQuery、分区、行级别安全性、双向关系和转换。DirectQuery, partitions, row-level security, bi-directional relationships, and translations are all supported. 若要了解详细信息,请参阅什么是 Azure Analysis ServicesTo learn more, see What is Azure Analysis Services.

Power BI Premium (预览版) -Analysis Services Vertipaq 引擎通过支持开放式标准 XMLA 协议的客户端库和 api,为1500和更高兼容级别的 Power BI Premium 数据集提供可编程性、客户端应用程序和工具支持。Power BI Premium (Preview) - The Analysis Services Vertipaq engine provides programmability, client application, and tool support for Power BI Premium datasets at the 1500 and higher compatibility levels through client libraries and APIs that support the open-standard XMLA protocol. Power BI Premium 数据集支持通过 XMLA 终结点连接到 Microsoft 和第三方客户端应用程序和工具的只读读写操作。Power BI Premium datasets support connections through XMLA endpoints for read-only and read-write operations from Microsoft and third-party client applications and tools. 若要了解详细信息,请参阅 Power BI Premium 和与 XMLA 终结点之间的 Power BI Premium 数据集连接中的 Analysis ServicesTo learn more, see Analysis Services in Power BI Premium and Power BI Premium dataset connectivity with the XMLA Endpoint.


Analysis Services 文档位于 中的不同位置,具体取决于所使用的平台或版本。Analysis Services documentation is located at different places in depending on the platform or version you're using. 若要了解详细信息,请参阅了解 Analysis Services 文档To learn more, see Understanding Analysis Services documentation.

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