Azure Stack Hub 网络简介Introduction to Azure Stack Hub networking

Azure Stack Hub 提供可结合使用或单独使用的各种网络功能:Azure Stack Hub provides different kinds of networking capabilities that can be used together or separately:

  • Azure Stack Hub 资源之间的连接Connectivity between Azure Stack Hub resources
    在云中的安全专用虚拟网络内将 Azure 资源连接在一起。Connect Azure resources together in a secure and private virtual network in the cloud.
  • Internet 连接Internet connectivity
    通过 Internet 与 Azure Stack Hub 资源进行通信。Communicate to and from Azure Stack Hub resources over the internet.
  • 本地连接On-premises connectivity
    在 Internet 上通过虚拟专用网络 (VPN) 或者通过与 Azure Stack Hub 建立的专用连接将本地网络连接到 Azure Stack Hub 资源。Connect an on-premises network to Azure Stack Hub resources through a virtual private network (VPN) over the internet, or through a dedicated connection to Azure Stack Hub.


    必须创建 VPN 或公共 IP 连接才能访问本地资源。You must create a VPN or public IP connection in order to access on-premises resources.

  • 负载均衡和流量方向 Load balancing and traffic direction
    对发往同一位置中的服务器的流量进行负载均衡,并将流量定向到不同位置中的服务器。Load balance traffic to servers in the same location and direct traffic to servers in different locations.
  • 安全性Security
    筛选网络子网或单个 VM 之间的网络流量。Filter network traffic between network subnets or individual VMs.
  • 路由Routing
    在 Azure Stack 中心和本地资源之间使用默认路由或完全控制路由。Use default routing or fully control routing between your Azure Stack Hub and on-premises resources.
  • 可管理性Manageability
    监视和管理 Azure Stack 集线器网络资源。Monitor and manage your Azure Stack Hub networking resources.
  • 部署和配置工具Deployment and configuration tools
    使用基于 Web 的门户或跨平台命令行工具来部署和配置网络资源。Use a web-based portal or cross-platform command-line tools to deploy and configure network resources.

后续步骤Next steps