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了解合作关系和支持选项Understand partnership and support options

在迁移期间,云采用团队执行工作负荷到云的实际迁移。During migration, the cloud adoption team performs the actual migration of workloads to the cloud. 与定义数字场所或构建核心云基础结构时的协作和问题解决任务不同,迁移往往是一系列重复执行的任务。Unlike the collaborative and problem-solving tasks when defining the digital estate or building the core cloud infrastructure, migration tends to be a series of repetitive execution tasks. 除了重复的方面之外,可能还需要深入了解所选云提供商的测试和优化工作。Beyond the repetitive aspects, there are likely testing and tuning efforts that require deep knowledge of the chosen cloud provider. 此过程的重复性性质有时可能最适合由合作伙伴解决,从而减轻全职员工的压力。The repetitive nature of this process can sometimes be best addressed by a partner, reducing strain on full-time staff. 另外,当重复性过程遇到执行异常情况时,合作伙伴可以更好地协调深入的技术专业知识。Additionally, partners may be able to better align deep technical expertise when the repetitive processes encounter execution anomalies.

合作伙伴倾向于与单个云供应商或少量云供应商密切合作。Partners tend to be closely aligned with a single cloud vendor or a small number of cloud vendors. 为了更好地说明合作关系选项,本文的其余部分假定 Microsoft Azure 是所选的云提供程序。To better illustrate partnership options, the remainder of this article assumes that Microsoft Azure is the chosen cloud provider.

在计划、生成或迁移过程中,公司通常具有四个执行合作关系选项:During plan, build, or migrate, a company generally has four execution partnership options:

  • 引导式自助服务。Guided self-service. 现有的技术团队执行迁移,由 Microsoft 提供帮助。The existing technical team executes the migration, with help from Microsoft.
  • FastTrack for Azure。FastTrack for Azure. 使用 Microsoft FastTrack for Azure 程序加速迁移进程。Use the Microsoft FastTrack for Azure program to accelerate migration.
  • 解决方案合作伙伴。Solutions partner. 与 Azure 合作伙伴或云解决方案提供商联系 (Csp) 加速迁移。Get connected with Azure partners or cloud solution providers (CSPs) to accelerate migration.
  • 受支持的自助服务。Supported self-service. 现有技术人员通过 Microsoft 提供的支持完成执行过程。Execution is completed by the existing technical staff with support from Microsoft.

引导式自助服务Guided self-service

如果组织自行规划 Azure 迁移,则 Microsoft 始终都可以在整个过程中提供帮助。If an organization is planning an Azure migration on its own, Microsoft is always there to assist throughout the journey. 为了帮助快速跟踪到 Azure 的迁移,Microsoft 及其合作伙伴开发了大量体系结构、指南、工具和服务,旨在降低风险并加速虚拟机、应用程序和数据库的迁移进程。To help fast-track migration to Azure, Microsoft and its partners have developed an extensive set of architectures, guides, tools, and services to reduce risk and to speed migration of virtual machines, applications, and databases. 这些工具和服务支持极为广泛的操作系统、编程语言、框架和数据库选择。These tools and services support a broad selection of operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, and databases.

  • 评估和迁移工具。Assessment and migration tools. Azure 提供了多种工具,可用于云转换的不同阶段,包括评估现有基础结构。Azure provides a wide range of tools to be used in different phases for your cloud transformation, including assessing your existing infrastructure. 有关详细信息,请参阅后面的 "迁移" 一章中的 "评估" 一节。For more information, refer to the "assess" section in the "migration" chapter that follows.
  • Microsoft 云采用框架Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework. 此框架提供了一种结构化的方法来实现云采用和迁移。This framework presents a structured approach to cloud adoption and migration. 它基于许多 Microsoft 支持的客户约定中的最佳实践,并按一系列步骤(从体系结构和设计到实现)进行组织。It is based on best practices across many Microsoft-supported customer engagements and is organized as a series of steps, from architecture and design to implementation. 每个步骤都有支持性的指导,可帮助设计应用程序体系结构。For each step, supporting guidance helps you with the design of your application architecture.
  • 云设计模式Cloud design patterns. Azure 提供一些有用的云设计模式,可用于在云中生成可靠且可缩放的安全工作负荷。Azure provides some useful cloud design patterns for building reliable, scalable, secure workloads in the cloud. 每种模式描述了该模式解决的问题、有关应用该模式的注意事项,以及基于 Azure 的示例。Each pattern describes the problem that the pattern addresses, considerations for applying the pattern, and an example based on Azure. 大多数模式都包含了代码示例或代码片段,演示如何在 Azure 中实现该模式。Most of the patterns include code samples or snippets that show how to implement the pattern on Azure. 但是,无论是在 Azure 上还是在其他云平台上托管,它们都与任何分布式系统相关。However, they're relevant to any distributed system, whether hosted on Azure or on other cloud platforms.
  • 云基础知识Cloud fundamentals. 基础知识有助于说明实现核心概念的基本方法。Fundamentals help teach the basic approaches to implementation of core concepts. 本指南可帮助技术人员考虑适用于多个(而非单个)Azure 服务的解决方案。This guide helps technicians think about solutions that go beyond a single Azure service.
  • 示例方案Example scenarios. 本指南提供了真实客户实现的参考,其中概述了过去的客户完成特定业务目标所使用的工具、方法和流程。The guide provides references from real customer implementations, outlining the tools, approaches, and processes that past customers have followed to accomplish specific business goals.
  • 参考体系结构Reference architectures. 参考体系结构已根据方案进行编制,相关的体系结构已分组到一起。Reference architectures are arranged by scenario, with related architectures grouped together. 每个体系结构都包括最佳实践,以及可伸缩性、可用性、可管理性和安全性的注意事项。Each architecture includes best practices, along with considerations for scalability, availability, manageability, and security. 大多数体系结构还包括一个可部署的解决方案。Most also include a deployable solution.

FastTrack for AzureFastTrack for Azure

FastTrack for Azure 提供来自 Azure 工程师的直接协助,他们与合作伙伴通力合作,旨在帮助客户快速而自信地生成 Azure 解决方案。FastTrack for Azure provides direct assistance from Azure engineers, working hand in hand with partners, to help customers build Azure solutions quickly and confidently. FastTrack 提供了来自真实客户体验的最佳做法和工具,为客户提供从 Azure 解决方案的安装、配置、开发到生产的指导,其中包括:FastTrack brings best practices and tools from real customer experiences to guide customers from setup, configuration, and development to production of Azure solutions, including:

  • 数据中心迁移Datacenter migration
  • Azure 上的 Windows ServerWindows Server on Azure
  • Azure 上的 LinuxLinux on Azure
  • Azure 上的 SAPSAP on Azure
  • 业务连续性和灾难恢复 (BCDR)Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR)
  • 高性能计算High-performance computing
  • 云原生应用程序Cloud-native applications
  • DevOpsDevOps
  • 应用程序现代化Application modernization
  • 云规模分析Cloud-scale analytics
  • 智能应用程序Intelligent applications
  • 智能代理Intelligent agents
  • Azure 数据现代化Data modernization to Azure
  • 安全和管理Security and management
  • 全球分布式数据Globally distributed data
  • Windows 虚拟桌面Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Azure 市场Azure Marketplace
  • 基础知识和调控Fundamentals and governance

在 FastTrack for Azure 典型参与期间,Microsoft 将帮助定义业务前景,以成功规划和开发 Azure 解决方案。During a typical FastTrack for Azure engagement, Microsoft helps to define the business vision to plan and develop Azure solutions successfully. 团队将评估体系结构需求,并提供指导、设计原则、工具和资源,帮助生成、部署和管理 Azure 解决方案。The team assesses architectural needs and provides guidance, design principles, tools, and resources to help build, deploy, and manage Azure solutions. 团队按要求向有经验的合作伙伴提供部署服务,并定期进行检查以确保部署正常运作并帮助删除阻止程序。The team matches skilled partners for deployment services on request and periodically checks in to ensure that deployment is on track and to help remove blockers.

FastTrack for Azure 典型参与的主要阶段包括:The main phases of a typical FastTrack for Azure engagement are:

  • 发现.Discovery. 确定关键利益干系人,了解用户要实现的问题解决目标或愿景,以及评估体系结构需求。Identify key stakeholders, understand the goal or vision for problems to be solved, and then assess architectural needs.
  • 解决方案支持。Solution enablement. 了解构建应用程序的设计原则、查看应用程序和解决方案的体系结构,并获得指导和工具来驱动概念证明工作到生产。Learn design principles for building applications, review architecture of applications and solutions, and receive guidance and tools to drive proof-of-concept work through to production.
  • 持续合作伙伴关系。Continuous partnership. Azure 工程师和计划经理经常进行检查,确保部署正常运作并帮助删除阻止程序。Azure engineers and program managers check in every so often to ensure that deployment is on track and to help remove blockers.

与云采用框架方法关联的 Microsoft 服务产品Microsoft Services offerings aligned to Cloud Adoption Framework approaches

Microsoft 服务云采用框架方法

评估: Microsoft 服务使用一 种统一的数据和工具驱动的方法 ,其中包括体系结构研讨会、Azure 实时信息、安全和身份威胁模型和各种工具,通过关键结果(如 高级现代化路线图)来深入了解现有 Azure 环境的挑战、风险、建议和问题。Assess: Microsoft Services uses a unified data- and tool-driven approach consisting of architectural workshops, Azure real-time information, security and identity threat models and various tools to provide insights into challenges, risks, recommendations and issues to an existing Azure environment with a key outcome such as high-level modernization roadmap.

采用: 使用 Microsoft 服务中的 azure cloud foundation ,建立核心 Azure 设计、模式和管理体系结构,方法是将你的需求映射到最合适的参考体系结构,并规划、设计和部署工作负载所需的基础结构、管理、安全和标识。Adopt: Using the Azure cloud foundation from Microsoft Services, establish your core Azure designs, patterns and governance architecture by mapping your requirements to the most appropriate reference architecture and plan, design and deploy the infrastructure, management, security, and identity required for workloads.

迁移/优化: Microsoft 服务的 云现代化解决方案 提供了一种全面的方法,可将应用程序和基础结构迁移到 Azure,以及在云部署之后优化并实现现代化,这是简化的迁移。Migrate/optimize: The cloud modernization solution from Microsoft Services offers a comprehensive approach to move applications and infrastructure to Azure, as well as to optimize and modernize after cloud deployment, backed by streamlined migration.

创新: Microsoft 服务中的 " 优秀" (CCoE) 解决方案的云中心 提供 DevOps 的指导,并使用 DevOps 原则,其中结合了说明性的云本机服务管理和安全控制,帮助促进业务创新、提高灵活性,并减少了安全、可预测且灵活的服务交付和运营管理功能中的价值。Innovate: The cloud center of excellence (CCoE) solution from Microsoft Services offers a DevOps coaching engagement and uses DevOps principles combined with prescriptive cloud-native service management and security controls to help drive business innovation, increase agility, and reduce time to value within a secure, predictable, and flexible services delivery and operations management capability.

Azure 支持Azure Support

如有任何疑问或需要帮助,请创建支持请求If you have questions or need help, create a support request. 如果支持请求需要深入的技术指导,请访问 Azure 支持计划 ,以满足你的需求的最佳计划。If your support request requires deep technical guidance, visit Azure Support plans to align the best plan for your needs.

Azure 解决方案合作伙伴Azure solutions partner

Microsoft 认证的解决方案提供商专门在全球提供基于 Microsoft 技术的新式客户解决方案。Microsoft certified solution providers specialize in providing modern customer solutions based on Microsoft technologies across the world. 在经验丰富的合作伙伴的帮助下优化云中业务。Optimize your business in the cloud with help from an experienced partner.

从提供现成或自定义 Azure 解决方案的合作伙伴处,以及可以帮助部署和管理这些解决方案的合作伙伴处获取帮助:Get help from partners with ready-made or custom Azure solutions and partners who can help deploy and manage those solutions:

  • 查找云解决方案合作伙伴Find a cloud solutions partner. 经过认证的 CSP 可以评估云采用业务目标,并确定可满足业务需求且有助于提高业务敏捷性和效率的合适云解决方案,从而帮助充分利用云。A certified CSP can help take full advantage of the cloud by assessing business goals for cloud adoption, identifying the right cloud solution that meets business needs and helps the business become more agile and efficient.
  • (msp) 查找 Azure 专家托管服务提供商 Find an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSPs). Msp 通过指导云旅程的所有方面,帮助企业过渡到 Azure。MSPs help businesses transition to Azure by guiding all aspects of the cloud journey. 从咨询到迁移和运营管理,云 MSP 向客户展示云采用带来的所有好处。From consulting to migrations and operations management, cloud MSPs show customers all the benefits that come with cloud adoption. 它们还可作为一站式商店,提供通用支持、预配和计费体验,所有这些都通过灵活的即用即付业务模型来实现。They also act as a one-stop shop for common support, provisioning, and the billing experience, all with a flexible pay-as-you-go business model.

后续步骤Next steps

选择合作伙伴和支持策略后,可以更新发布和迭代积压工作 (backlog) 来反映计划的工作。After a partner and support strategy is selected, the release and iteration backlogs can be updated to reflect planned efforts and assignments.