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合作伙伴对齐策略Strategy for partner alignment

云采用框架将云采用视为自助服务活动。The Cloud Adoption Framework approaches cloud adoption as a self-service activity. 目标是通过标准化方法为支持采用的每个团队做准备。The objective is to empower each of the teams supporting adoption through standardized approaches. 在实践中,您不能认为自助服务方法对于所有采用活动都是足够的。In practice, you can't assume that a self-service approach will be sufficient for all adoption activities.

成功的云采用计划通常至少涉及一级别的支持。Successful cloud adoption programs typically involve at least one level of support. 某些云采用成果可能需要来自多个合作伙伴的支持才能共同实现一个共同的目标。Some cloud adoption efforts may require support from multiple partners working together towards a common goal.

调整合作关系策略的步骤Steps to align the partnership strategy

在采用 strategizing 阶段,开始协调你的合作关系策略非常重要。It's important to start aligning your partnership strategy during the strategizing phase of adoption. 以下步骤可帮助在采用生命周期的后续阶段中消除障碍。The following steps can help remove roadblocks in later phases of the adoption lifecycle.

  1. 开始了解支持需求。Start to understand support needs.
  2. 考虑适用于你的文化和需求的合作关系选项。Consider partnership options that fit your culture and needs.
  3. 评估合作伙伴选项的搜索。Evaluate a shortlist of partner options.
  4. 开始与所选合作伙伴进行合同和文书工作评审。Begin contract and paperwork reviews with selected partners.

尽早完成这些步骤后,在技术工作开始时,将确保团队取得成功。Completing these steps early, will ensure success of the team when the technical efforts begin. 本文的以下部分为每个步骤提供了指导。The following sections of this article provide guidance for each of these steps.

了解支持需求Understanding support needs

在整个云采用生命周期内,各个团队可能需要支持才能成功。Throughout the cloud adoption lifecycle, the various teams may require support to be successful. 下面是一些常用的帮助类型示例。The following are a few examples of the types of help commonly required.

  • 策略: 支持定义业务策略和支持技术策略。Strategy: Support defining the business strategy and supporting technology strategy.
  • 计划: 支持发现产品组合、对数字领域的定量评估、开发云采用计划、创建 skilling 计划。Plan: Support with discovery of the portfolio, quantitative assessment of the digital estate, development of a cloud adoption plan, creation of a skilling plan.
  • 就绪: 支持部署具有支持云采用计划的登录区域或完整云环境。Ready: Support deploying a landing zone or full cloud environment capable of supporting the cloud adoption plan.
  • 迁移: 帮助迁移工作负荷或构建迁移工厂,以确保迁移过程。Migrate: Assistance migrating workloads or building a migration factory to ensure sound migration processes.
  • 创新: 帮助开发新的解决方案,或重新生成/重新架构现有解决方案来推动创新。Innovate: Assistance developing new solutions or rebuilding/rearchitecting existing solutions to drive innovation.
  • 管理: 支持或正在进行的托管服务提供跨云环境的管理和控制。Govern: Support or ongoing managed services to provide governance and controls across the cloud environment.
  • 管理: 支持或正在进行的托管服务运行云平台和托管在云中的工作负荷。Manage: Support or ongoing managed services to operate the cloud platform and the workloads hosted in the cloud.

许多公司都有必要的技能来支持策略、规划、准备情况、采用、管理和管理。Few corporations have the diversity of skills required to support strategy, planning, readiness, adoption, governance, and management. 通常需要合作伙伴和其他支持模型,才能填补团队技能和责任方面的差距。Partners and other support models are often necessary to fill in the gaps in the team's skills and responsibilities.

各种合作关系选项可以帮助您制定所需的技能,增加人员需求或完全分担特定的过程。Various partnership options can help develop needed skills, augment staffing requirement, or completely offload-specific processes.

合作选项Partnership options

你不会独自参与云旅程。You are not alone in your cloud journey. 在整个云采用旅程中,有几个选项可用于支持你的团队。There are several options to support your team throughout your cloud adoption journey.

  • Azure 解决方案提供商 (合作伙伴) : 与 Azure 专家托管服务提供商联系, (MSP) 以及具有与云采用框架方法相适应的服务产品的其他 Microsoft 合作伙伴。Azure solution providers (partners): Get connected with Azure expert-managed services providers (MSP) and other Microsoft partners who have service offerings aligned to the Cloud Adoption Framework methodologies.
  • FastTrack for Azure: 使用 Microsoft FastTrack for Azure 程序加速迁移。FastTrack for Azure: Use the Microsoft FastTrack for Azure program to accelerate migration.
  • Azure 迁移计划 (AMP) : AMP 计划使合作伙伴和 Microsoft 员工的组合保持一致,以加快并支持你的迁移。Azure Migration Program (AMP): The AMP program aligns a mixture of partners and Microsoft employees to accelerate and support your migration.

Azure 解决方案提供商Azure solution providers

Microsoft 认证的解决方案提供商专门提供全球范围内的 Microsoft 技术的新式客户解决方案。Microsoft certified solution providers specialize in providing modern customer solutions base on Microsoft technologies across the world. 在经验丰富的合作伙伴的帮助下优化云中业务。Optimize your business in the cloud with help from an experienced partner.

(CSP) 查找云解决方案提供商Find a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). 经过认证的 CSP 可以评估云采用业务目标,并确定可满足业务需求且有助于提高业务敏捷性和效率的合适云解决方案,从而帮助充分利用云。A certified CSP can help take full advantage of the cloud by assessing business goals for cloud adoption, identifying the right cloud solution that meets business needs and helps the business become more agile and efficient.

Azure 专家托管服务提供商 (MSP) 完成了第三方审核来验证更高的功能层,通过认证的人员 headcounts、客户参考、大规模按 Azure 的年度消耗以及其他标准进行了演示。Azure expert-managed services providers (MSP) have undergone a third-party audit to validate a higher tier of capability, demonstrated through certified staff headcounts, customer references, annual consumption of Azure at scale, and other criteria.

查找托管服务合作伙伴Find a managed service partner. Azure 托管服务合作伙伴 (MSP) 通过指导云历程的所有方面来帮助企业过渡到 Azure。An Azure managed service partner (MSP) helps a business transition to Azure by guiding all aspects of the cloud journey. 从咨询到迁移和运营管理,云 MSP 向客户展示云采用带来的所有好处。From consulting to migrations and operations management, cloud MSPs show customers all the benefits that come with cloud adoption. 它们还可作为一站式商店,提供通用支持、预配和计费体验,所有这些都通过灵活的即用即付业务模型来实现。They also act as a one-stop shop for common support, provisioning, and the billing experience, all with a flexible pay-as-you-go business model.

为了并行开发云采用策略,云策略团队应开始确定可在业务目标交付中合作的解决方案提供商。In parallel to the development of the cloud adoption strategy, the cloud strategy team should start to identify solution providers that can partner in the delivery of business objectives.

FastTrack for AzureFastTrack for Azure

FastTrack for Azure 提供来自 Azure 工程师的直接协助,他们与合作伙伴通力合作,旨在帮助客户快速而自信地生成 Azure 解决方案。FastTrack for Azure provides direct assistance from Azure engineers, working hand in hand with partners, to help customers build Azure solutions quickly and confidently. FastTrack 提供了来自真实客户体验的最佳做法和工具,为客户提供从 Azure 解决方案的安装、配置、开发到生产的指导,其中包括:FastTrack brings best practices and tools from real customer experiences to guide customers from setup, configuration, and development to production of Azure solutions, including:

在 FastTrack for Azure 典型参与期间,Microsoft 将帮助定义业务前景,以成功规划和开发 Azure 解决方案。During a typical FastTrack for Azure engagement, Microsoft helps to define the business vision to plan and develop Azure solutions successfully. 团队将评估体系结构需求,并提供指导、设计原则、工具和资源,帮助生成、部署和管理 Azure 解决方案。The team assesses architectural needs and provides guidance, design principles, tools, and resources to help build, deploy, and manage Azure solutions. 团队按要求向有经验的合作伙伴提供部署服务,并定期进行检查以确保部署正常运作并帮助删除阻止程序。The team matches skilled partners for deployment services on request and periodically checks in to ensure that deployment is on track and to help remove blockers.

Azure 迁移计划 (AMP) Azure Migration Program (AMP)

Azure 迁移计划 (AMP) 提供各种技术技能构建、循序渐进的指南、免费的迁移工具,并提供降低迁移成本的潜在优惠。The Azure Migration Program (AMP) provides a mixture of technical skill building, step-by-step guidance, free migration tools, and potential offers to reduce migration costs.

该计划使用 FastTrack for Azure 和 Azure 解决方案提供程序,在迁移过程中提高客户的成功。The program uses FastTrack for Azure and Azure solution providers to improve customer success during migration.

观看这段简短视频,大致了解 Azure 迁移计划的工作方式。Watch this short video to get an overview of how the Azure Migration Program can help you.

Azure 支持Azure support

如有任何疑问或需要帮助,请创建支持请求If you have questions or need help, create a support request. 如果支持请求需要深入的技术指导,请访问 Azure 支持计划 ,以满足你的需求的最佳计划。If your support request requires deep technical guidance, visit Azure support plans to align the best plan for your needs.

合作伙伴选项的搜索Shortlist of partner options

在策略开发过程中,很难定义特定的合作关系需求。During strategy development, it's hard to define specific partnership needs. 在开发云采用计划和 skilling 计划期间,这些需求会成为重点。During development of the cloud adoption plan and skilling plan, those needs will come into focus.

但是,根据您的团队的文化和成熟度,可以决定一个合作关系选项,该选项更符合您的预期需求。But, based on the culture and maturity of your team, it may be possible to decide on a partnership option that is more aligned with your expected needs.

选择上面的一个或多个合作选项,缩小要调查的选项。Choose one or more of the partnership options above to narrow down the options to investigate first.

开始协定和文书工作评审Begin contract and paperwork reviews

查看搜索选项时,可能会有一个或多个合作伙伴出现问题。如果合作伙伴之间有明确的领导者,请开始与合作伙伴核对合同和文书工作流程。As the shortlist of options is reviewed, there will likely be one or more partners that stand out. If there is a clear leader among the partners, start the process to review contracts and paperwork with the partner.

合同过程可能需要一些时间。The contracting process can take time. 提前检查法律条款可以在你的团队需要帮助最大的时候,消除一项障碍。Reviewing legal terms ahead of time can remove one barrier to engagement when your teams need help the most.

如果你的公司要求将供应商添加到已批准的供应商列表,则这种情况尤其如此。This is especially true if your company requires vendors to be added to an approved vendor list.

后续步骤Next steps

启动合作伙伴对齐策略后,你可能想要考虑接下来的 安全策略After your partner alignment strategy is kicked off, you may want to consider your security strategy next.