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什么是 Azure 认知服务?What are Azure Cognitive Services?

Azure 认知服务是 API、SDK 和服务,可帮助开发人员生成智能应用程序,而无需具备直接的 AI 或数据科学技能或知识。Azure Cognitive Services are APIs, SDKs, and services available to help developers build intelligent applications without having direct AI or data science skills or knowledge. 开发人员使用 Azure 认知服务能够轻松地将认知功能添加到其应用程序中。Azure Cognitive Services enable developers to easily add cognitive features into their applications. Azure 认知服务的目标是帮助开发人员创建可以看、听、说、理解甚至开始推理的应用程序。The goal of Azure Cognitive Services is to help developers create applications that can see, hear, speak, understand, and even begin to reason. Azure 认知服务中的服务目录可分为五大主要支柱类别:视觉、语音、语言、Web 搜索和决策。The catalog of services within Azure Cognitive Services can be categorized into five main pillars - Vision, Speech, Language, Web Search, and Decision.

视觉 APIVision APIs

服务名称Service Name 服务说明Service Description
计算机视觉Computer Vision 使用计算机视觉服务,你可以访问用于处理图像并返回信息的高级算法。The Computer Vision service provides you with access to advanced algorithms for processing images and returning information.
自定义视觉服务Custom Vision Service 通过自定义视觉服务可以生成自定义图像分类器。The Custom Vision Service allows you to build custom image classifiers.
人脸 APIFace API 使用人脸 API 可访问高级人脸算法,支持人脸属性检测和识别。Face API provides access to advanced face algorithms, enabling face attribute detection and recognition.
表单识别器(预览版)Form Recognizer (Preview) 表单识别器从表单文档中识别并提取键值对和表数据;然后输出结构化数据,包括原始文件中的关系。Form Recognizer identifies and extracts key-value pairs and table data from form documents; then outputs structured data including the relationships in the original file.
墨迹识别器(预览版)Ink Recognizer (Preview) 使用墨迹识别器可以识别和分析数字墨迹笔划数据、形状和手写内容,并输出包含所有已识别实体的文档结构。Ink Recognizer allows you to recognize and analyze digital ink stroke data, shapes and handwritten content, and output a document structure with all recognized entities.
视频索引器Video Indexer 使用视频索引器从视频中提取见解。Video Indexer enables you to extract insights from your video.

语音 APISpeech APIs

服务名称Service Name 服务说明Service Description
语音服务Speech service 语音服务将支持语音的功能添加到应用程序。Speech service adds speech-enabled features to applications.
说话人识别 API(预览版)Speaker Recognition API (Preview) 说话人识别 API 为说话人识别和验证提供算法。The Speaker Recognition API provides algorithms for speaker identification and verification.
必应语音(即将停用)Bing Speech (Retiring) 必应语音 API 为你提供了一种在应用程序中创建语音支持功能的简便方法。The Bing Speech API provides you with an easy way to create speech-enabled features in your applications.
语音翻译(即将停用)Translator Speech (Retiring) 语音翻译是一项机器翻译服务。Translator Speech is a machine translation service.


正在查找 Azure 认知搜索Looking for Azure Cognitive Search? 尽管它对某些任务使用认知服务,但它是一项支持其他方案的不同搜索技术。Although it uses Cognitive Services for some tasks, it’s a different search technology that supports other scenarios.

语言 APILanguage APIs

服务名称Service Name 服务说明Service Description
语言理解 LUISLanguage Understanding LUIS 使用语言理解服务 (LUIS),应用程序可以理解用户以自己的语言表达的内容。Language Understanding service (LUIS) allows your application to understand what a person wants in their own words.
QnA MakerQnA Maker 通过 QnA Maker,可以从半结构化内容生成问答服务。QnA Maker allows you to build a question and answer service from your semi-structured content.
文本分析Text Analytics 文本分析提供对原始文本的自然语言处理,用于情绪分析、关键短语提取和语言检测。Text Analytics provides natural language processing over raw text for sentiment analysis, key phrase extraction and language detection.
文本翻译Translator Text 文本翻译近乎实时地提供基于机器的文本翻译。Translator text provides for machine-based text translation in near real-time.

搜索 APISearch APIs

服务名称Service Name 服务说明Service Description
必应新闻搜索Bing News Search 必应新闻搜索返回确定与用户查询相关的新闻文章列表。Bing News Search returns a list of news articles determined to be relevant to the user's query.
必应视频搜索Bing Video Search 必应视频搜索返回确定与用户查询相关的视频列表。Bing Video Search returns a list of videos determined to be relevant to the user's query.
必应 Web 搜索Bing Web Search 必应 Web 搜索返回确定与用户查询相关的搜索结果列表。Bing Web Search returns a list of search results determined to be relevant to the user's query.
必应自动建议Bing Autosuggest 通过必应自动建议,可向必应发送部分搜索查询词,并取回建议的查询列表。Bing Autosuggest allows you to send a partial search query term to Bing and get back a list of suggested queries.
必应自定义搜索Bing Custom Search 借助必应自定义搜索,可以为关注的主题创建定制的搜索体验。Bing Custom Search allows you to create tailored search experiences for topics that you care about.
必应实体搜索Bing Entity Search 必应实体搜索返回必应确定与用户查询相关的实体的相关信息。Bing Entity Search returns information about entities that Bing determines are relevant to a user's query.
必应图像搜索Bing Image Search 必应图像搜索返回确定与用户查询相关的图像显示。Bing Image Search returns a display of images determined to be relevant to the user's query.
必应视觉搜索Bing Visual Search 必应视觉搜索返回有关图像的见解,例如在视觉上相似的图像、在图像中找到的产品的购物来源以及相关的搜索。Bing Visual Search provides returns insights about an image such as visually similar images, shopping sources for products found in the image, and related searches.
必应当地企业搜索Bing Local Business Search 必应当地企业搜索 API 使应用程序可以基于搜索查询查找有关当地企业的联系人和位置信息。Bing Local Business Search API enables your applications to find contact and location information about local businesses based on search queries.
必应拼写检查Bing Spell Check 使用必应拼写检查,可执行上下文语法和拼写检查。Bing Spell Check allows you to perform contextual grammar and spell checking.

决策 APIDecision APIs

服务名称Service Name 服务说明Service Description
异常探测器(预览版)Anomaly Detector (Preview) 使用异常检测器可以监视并检测时序数据中的异常。Anomaly Detector allows you to monitor and detect abnormalities in your time series data.
内容审查器Content Moderator 内容审查器监视可能的冒犯性、不可取和危险内容。Content Moderator provides monitoring for possible offensive, undesirable, and risky content.
个性化体验创建服务Personalizer 个性化体验创建服务可让你选择要显示给用户的最佳体验,并从其实时行为中学习信息。Personalizer allows you to choose the best experience to show to your users, learning from their real-time behavior.

使用免费试用版Use free trials

注册免费试用版只需要发送一封电子邮件并执行一些简单的步骤。Signing up for free trials only takes an email and a few simple steps. 需要创建 Microsoft 帐户(如果还没有帐户)。You need a Microsoft Account if you don't already have one. 对于所请求的每个 API,你都会收到一对唯一的密钥。You'll receive a unique pair of keys for each API requested. 第二个密钥只是备用密钥。The second one is just a spare. 请不要与任何人分享密钥。Don't share the secret keys with anyone. 试用版具有每秒或每分钟事务数速率限制和每月使用上限。Trials have both a rate limit, transactions per second or minute, and a monthly usage cap. 事务就是 API 调用。A transaction is simply an API call. 若要解锁这些限制,你可以升级到付费层。You can upgrade to paid tiers to unlock the restrictions.

订阅管理Subscription management

使用 Microsoft 帐户登录后,你可以访问我的订阅,以显示你正在使用的产品、剩余配额以及能否向订阅添加其他产品。Once you are signed in with your Microsoft Account, you can access My subscriptions to show the products you are using, the quota remaining, and the ability to add additional products to your subscription.

通过升级来解锁限制Upgrade to unlock limits

所有 API 都有一个免费试用计划,该计划具有使用量和吞吐量限制。All APIs have a free trial plan, which has usage and throughput limits. 在 Azure 门户中部署服务时,可以通过使用付费产品/服务和选择适当的定价层选项来增加这些限制。You can increase these limits by using a paid offering and selecting the appropriate pricing tier option when deploying the service in the Azure portal. 详细了解产品/服务和定价Learn more about the offerings and pricing. 你将需要使用信用卡和电话号码设置一个 Azure 订阅者帐户。You'll need to set up an Azure subscriber account with a credit card and a phone number. 如果你有特殊要求或者只是想与销售人员交谈,请单击定价页顶部的“联系我们”按钮。If you have a special requirement or simply want to talk to sales, click "Contact us" button at the top the pricing page.

区域可用性Regional availability

认知服务中的 API 托管在不断扩大的 Microsoft 托管数据中心网络上。The APIs in Cognitive Services are hosted on a growing network of Microsoft-managed data centers. 你可以在 Azure 区域列表中找到每个 API 的区域可用性。You can find the regional availability for each API in Azure region list.

正在寻找我们尚不支持的区域?Looking for a region we don't support yet? 请在我们的 UserVoice 论坛上填写功能申请,告诉我们你的需求。Let us know by filing a feature request on our UserVoice forum.

支持的区域性语言Supported cultural languages

认知服务在服务级别支持各种区域性语言。Cognitive Services supports a wide range of cultural languages at the service level. 可以在支持的语言列表中找到每个 API 的语言可用性。You can find the language availability for each API in the supported languages list.

保护资源Securing resources

Azure 认知服务提供了分层的安全模型,包括通过 Azure Active Directory 凭据进行的身份验证、有效的资源密钥以及 Azure 虚拟网络Azure Cognitive Services provides a layered security model, including authentication via Azure Active Directory credentials, a valid resource key, and Azure Virtual Networks.

容器支持Container support

认知服务提供用于在 Azure 云或本地部署的容器。Cognitive Services provides containers for deployment in the Azure cloud or on-premises. 详细了解认知服务容器Learn more about Cognitive Services Containers.

认证和合规性Certifications and compliance

认知服务已获得 CSA STAR 认证、FedRAMP 中等 和HIPAA BAA 等认证。Cognitive Services has been awarded certifications such as CSA STAR Certification, FedRAMP Moderate, and HIPAA BAA.

可以下载认证进行自己的审核和安全评审。You can download certifications for your own audits and security reviews.

若要了解隐私和数据管理,请访问信任中心To understand privacy and data management, go to the Trust Center.


认知服务提供多个支持选项Cognitive Services provide several support options.

后续步骤Next steps