Configuration Manager 支持的配置Supported configurations for Configuration Manager

适用范围: Configuration Manager (Current Branch)Applies to: Configuration Manager (current branch)

作为本地解决方案,Configuration Manager 会使用服务器、客户端、网络配置和其他产品(如 Microsoft Intune、SQL Server 和 Azure)。As an on-premises solution, Configuration Manager makes use of your servers, clients, network configurations, and additional products like Microsoft Intune, SQL Server, and Azure.

对于标识重要配置、要求和限制,以便可以规划、部署和维护功能性 Configuration Manager 部署,本主题及后续主题中的信息至关重要。The information in this and the following topics is essential for helping you identify key configurations, requirements, and limitations, so that you can plan, deploy, and maintain a functional Configuration Manager deployment. 此信息特定于 Configuration Manager 站点、层次结构和托管设备的基础结构。This information is specific to the infrastructure for Configuration Manager sites, hierarchies, and managed devices.

如果 Configuration Manager 功能需要更具体的配置,相关信息会包含在特定于功能的文档中,作为对较通用配置详细信息的补充。When a Configuration Manager feature or capability requires more specific configurations, that information is included with the feature-specific documentation, and is supplemental to the more general configuration details.

以下各主题中所述的产品和技术受 Configuration Manager 支持。The products and technologies that are described in the following topics are supported by Configuration Manager. 但是,它们包括在此内容中并不表示对任何超出该产品个体支持生命周期的产品的扩展支持。However, their inclusion in this content does not imply an extension of support for any product beyond that product's individual support lifecycle. 不支持将已超出支持生命周期的产品与 Configuration Manager 一起使用,包括扩展的安全更新 (ESU) 计划包含的任何产品。Products that are beyond their support lifecycle are not supported for use with Configuration Manager, including any products that are covered under the Extended Security Updates (ESU) program. 有关 Microsoft 支持生命周期的详细信息,请访问 Microsoft 支持生命周期 网站。For more information about Microsoft Support Lifecycles, visit the Microsoft Support Lifecycle website. 有关 Configuration Manager 中的扩展的安全更新的详细信息,请参阅用于 Configuration Manager 的客户端和设备的支持的操作系统版本For more information about Extended Security Updates in Configuration Manager, see Supported OS versions for clients and devices for Configuration Manager.


有关 Microsoft 支持生命周期策略的信息,请转到 Microsoft 支持生命周期支持策略常见问题网站:Microsoft 支持生命周期策略常见问题For information about Microsoft support lifecycle policy, go to the Microsoft Support Lifecycle Support Policy FAQ website at Microsoft Support Lifecycle Policy FAQ.

此外,Configuration Manager 不支持以下主题中未列出的产品和产品版本,除非它们已在企业移动性和安全性博客上公布。Additionally, products and product versions that are not listed in the following topics are not supported with Configuration Manager unless they have been announced on the Enterprise Mobility and Security Blog. 此博客上的内容有时会早于本文档正文的更新。At times, the content on this blog precedes an update to this body of documentation.