GitHub 帐户设置GitHub account setup

设置 GitHub 帐户Set up your GitHub account

若要提供 Docs 技术内容,需要设置自己的 GitHub 帐户。To contribute to Docs technical content, you need to set up your own GitHub account. 好消息是,通常只需要执行一次这些步骤。The good news is, you usually only have to perform these steps once.

1.创建 GitHub 帐户并设置个人资料1. Create a GitHub account and set up your profile

如果还没有 GitHub 帐户,请创建一个If you don't already have a GitHub account, create one. 标识 GitHub 配置文件中的任何关联。Identify any affiliations in your GitHub profile. 提供的内容将计入 MVP 奖的考虑因素。Contributions to count toward MVP award consideration. 标识可帮助我们构建所有活动的完整配置文件。Identification helps us build a complete profile of all your activities.


参与开放源代码项目的 Microsoft 员工将始终以此方式在 GitHub 配置文件中标识自己的身份。Microsoft employees participating in Open Source projects always identify themselves as such in their GitHub profiles. 社区参与者应确保其配置文件不会错误地暗示雇佣关系。Community contributors should ensure that their profile does not incorrectly imply an employment relationship.

后续步骤Next step

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