Naked (C)Naked (C)

Microsoft 专用Microsoft Specific

裸存储类特性是特定于 Microsoft 的 C 语言扩展。The naked storage-class attribute is a Microsoft-specific extension to the C language. 编译器生成代码,而没有使用裸存储类特性声明的函数的 prolog 和 epilog 代码。The compiler generates code without prolog and epilog code for functions declared with the naked storage-class attribute. 当您需要使用内联汇编代码编写自己的 prolog/epilog 代码序列时,裸函数很有用。Naked functions are useful when you need to write your own prolog/epilog code sequences using inline assembler code. 裸函数对于编写虚拟设备驱动程序很有用。Naked functions are useful for writing virtual device drivers.

有关使用 naked 特性的特定信息,请参阅 Naked 函数For specific information about using the naked attribute, see Naked Functions.

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