_acmdln、_tcmdln、_wcmdln_acmdln, _tcmdln, _wcmdln

内部 CRT 全局变量。Internal CRT global variable. 命令行。The command line.


char * _acmdln;  
wchar_t * _wcmdln;  

#ifdef WPRFLAG  
   #define _tcmdln _wcmdln  
   #define _tcmdln _acmdln  


这些 CRT 内部变量将存储完整的命令行。These CRT internal variables store the complete command line. 将在 CRT 的导出符号中公开它们,但不会在代码中使用它们。They are exposed in the exported symbols for the CRT, but are not intended for use in your code. _acmdln 将数据存储为字符字符串。_acmdln stores the data as a character string. _wcmdln 将数据存储为宽字符字符串。_wcmdln stores the data as a wide character string. 可将 _tcmdln 定义为 _acmdln_wcmdln,具体取决于哪一个是合适的。_tcmdln can be defined as either _acmdln or _wcmdln, depending on which is appropriate.

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