获取输出格式标志的当前值。Gets the current value of the output format flag.


此函数已过时。This function is obsolete. 从 Visual Studio 2015 开始,CRT 中不再提供此函数。Beginning in Visual Studio 2015, it is not available in the CRT.


unsigned int _get_output_format();  

返回值Return Value

输出格式标志的当前值。The current value of the output format flag.


输出格式标志控制格式化 I/O 的功能。The output format flag controls features of formatted I/O. 当前标记有两个可能值:0 和 _TWO_DIGIT_EXPONENTAt present the flag has two possible values: 0 and _TWO_DIGIT_EXPONENT. 如果设置了 _TWO_DIGIT_EXPONENT ,则输出的浮点数的指数只有两位,除非指数的大小需要第三位数。If _TWO_DIGIT_EXPONENT is set, the floating point numbers is printed with only two digits in the exponent unless a third digit is required by the size of the exponent. 如果标志为零,浮点输出将显示指数的三个位,并在必要时使用零将值填充为三个位。If the flag is zero, the floating point output displays three digits of exponent, using zeroes if necessary to pad the value to three digits.


例程所返回的值Routine 必需的标头Required header
_get_output_format <stdio.h><stdio.h>

有关更多兼容性信息,请参见“简介”中的 兼容性For more compatibility information, see Compatibility in the Introduction.

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