内部 CRT 函数。Internal CRT Function. 运行在指示的范围表中列出的所有终止处理程序。Runs all termination handlers that are listed in the indicated scope table.


void _local_unwind2(  
   int stop  


[in] xr[in] xr
与一个范围表相关联的注册记录。A registration record that is associated with one scope table.

[in] stop[in] stop
指示应停止 _local_unwind2 的位置的词法级别。The lexical level that indicates where _local_unwind2 should stop.


此方法仅可由运行时环境使用。This method is used only by the run-time environment. 请不要在代码中调用该方法。Do not call the method in your code.

当此方法执行终止处理程序时,它将从当前词汇级别开始,并按自己的方式运行到更高的词汇级别,直到它达到由 stop 指示的级别。When this method executes termination handlers, it starts at the current lexical level and works its way up in lexical levels until it reaches the level that is indicated by stop. 它不会在由 stop 指示的级别上执行终止处理程序。It does not execute termination handlers at the level that is indicated by stop.

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