OLE 自动化类OLE Automation Classes

这些类支持 (控制其他应用程序) 的应用程序的自动化客户端。These classes support automation clients (applications that control other applications). 可由其他应用程序控制的自动化服务器 (可通过 调度映射) 支持。Automation servers (applications that can be controlled by other applications) are supported through dispatch maps.

用于从自动化客户端调用自动化服务器。Used to call automation servers from your automation client. 添加类时,此类用于为提供类型库的自动化服务器创建类型安全类。When adding a class, this class is used to create type-safe classes for automation servers that provide a type library.

OLE 自动化过程中的错误导致的异常。An exception resulting from an error during OLE automation. 自动化异常由自动化服务器引发,由自动化客户端捕获。Automation exceptions are thrown by automation servers and caught by automation clients.

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