Visual C++ 帮助和社区Visual C++ Help and Community

下面是如何获取 C++ 代码编写方式和 Visual Studio 开发工具使用方式的相关信息。Here's how to getting information about how to write C++ code and use the Visual Studio development tools.


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开发人员代码示例Developer Code Samples 包含来自 Microsoft 和社区参与者的可下载示例代码。Contains downloadable sample code from Microsoft and community contributors.

产品文档Product Documentation

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Visual C++Visual C++ 包含有关 Visual C++ 的引用和概念文档。Contains reference and conceptual documentation about Visual C++. MSDN 库的一部分。Part of the MSDN Library.
Windows 开发人员中心Windows Developer Center 包含有关如何使用 C++ 和其他语言来开发面向 Windows 8的应用的信息。Contains information about how to use C++ and other languages to develop apps for Windows 8. Windows 开发人员中心的一部分, C++ 内容在“文档 > 语言参考”节点下。Part of the Windows Developer Center; the C++ content is under the Docs > Language Reference node.

联机和脱机文档Online and Offline Documentation

可以联机查看 Microsoft 开发者内容。You can view Microsoft developer content online. 此内容会定期更新。This content is updated regularly.

你还可以在脱机帮助查看器中本地下载和查看内容。You can also download and view the content locally in the offline Help Viewer. 脱机文档通过相关内容的书籍进行组织,这些书籍还会定期更新。The offline documentation is organized by books of related content, which are also updated periodically. 你可在书籍可用时下载你感兴趣的书籍。You can download the books you are interested in as they become available. 有关详细信息,请参阅 Microsoft Help ViewerFor more information, see Microsoft Help Viewer.

该文档的很多部分还提供 PDF 形式。Many sections of the documentation are also available in PDF form. 这些部分在 的内附页面上具有一个“下载 PDF”链接。These sections have a Download PDF link on included pages on

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Visual C++ 团队博客Visual C++ Team Blog 包含一些博文,它们介绍了专家就 Visual C++ 产品团队进行的各种主题。Contains posts on various subjects by the experts on the Visual C++ product team.
第 9 频道Channel 9 包含视频访谈和演讲。Contains video interviews and lectures. 使用第 9 频道主页上的搜索框查找 C++ 内容。Use the search box on the Channel 9 home page to find C++ content.
Visual StudioVisual Studio 包含有关 Visual Studio 和相关开发工具的文章和新闻。Contains articles and news about Visual Studio and related development tools.
MSDN 论坛MSDN forums 官方 Microsoft 论坛,可在上面公布问题,并从 Microsoft 和社区内的专家处获取答案。Official Microsoft forums where you can post questions and get answers from Microsoft and from experts in the community. 使用论坛主页上的搜索框查找与 C++ 特别相关的论坛。Use the search box on the forums home page to find the forums that are specifically related to C++.