BaseVsaEngine.Pre BaseVsaEngine.Pre BaseVsaEngine.Pre Enum


BaseVsaEngine 类提供枚举。Provides enumeration for the BaseVsaEngine class.

此枚举有一个 FlagsAttribute 属性,允许按位组合成员值。

protected: enum class BaseVsaEngine::Pre
protected enum BaseVsaEngine.Pre
Protected Enum BaseVsaEngine.Pre


EngineCompiled EngineCompiled EngineCompiled EngineCompiled 4

引擎已编译。The engine is compiled.

EngineInitialised EngineInitialised EngineInitialised EngineInitialised 1024

引擎已初始化。The engine is initialized.

EngineNotClosed EngineNotClosed EngineNotClosed EngineNotClosed 1

引擎未关闭。The engine is not closed.

EngineNotInitialised EngineNotInitialised EngineNotInitialised EngineNotInitialised 2048

引擎未初始化。The engine is not initialized.

EngineNotRunning EngineNotRunning EngineNotRunning EngineNotRunning 16

引擎未运行。The engine is not running.

EngineRunning EngineRunning EngineRunning EngineRunning 8

引擎正在运行。The engine is running.

None None None None 0

未设置任何引擎。No engine is set.

RootMonikerNotSet RootMonikerNotSet RootMonikerNotSet RootMonikerNotSet 64

未设置根名字。 The root moniker is not set.

RootMonikerSet RootMonikerSet RootMonikerSet RootMonikerSet 32

设置了根名字。The root moniker is set.

RootNamespaceSet RootNamespaceSet RootNamespaceSet RootNamespaceSet 128

设置了根命名控件。The root namespace is set.

SiteNotSet SiteNotSet SiteNotSet SiteNotSet 512

站点未设置。The site is not set.

SiteSet SiteSet SiteSet SiteSet 256

站点已经设置。The site is set.

SupportForDebug SupportForDebug SupportForDebug SupportForDebug 2

调试功能已打开。The debug features are switched on.