OlRuleConditionType OlRuleConditionType OlRuleConditionType Enum


Specifies the type of rule condition or exception condition of a rule.

public enum class OlRuleConditionType
public enum OlRuleConditionType
Public Enum OlRuleConditionType


olConditionAccount olConditionAccount olConditionAccount 3

Account is the account specified in Account.

olConditionAnyCategory olConditionAnyCategory olConditionAnyCategory 29

Message is assigned to any category.

olConditionBody olConditionBody olConditionBody 13

Body contains words specified in Text.

olConditionBodyOrSubject olConditionBodyOrSubject olConditionBodyOrSubject 14

Body or subject contains words specified by TextRuleCondition.Text.

olConditionCategory olConditionCategory olConditionCategory 18

Category is the category specified in Categories.

olConditionCc olConditionCc olConditionCc 9

Message has my name in the Cc box.

olConditionDateRange olConditionDateRange olConditionDateRange 22

Message was received between x and y, where x and y are Date values.

olConditionFlaggedForAction olConditionFlaggedForAction olConditionFlaggedForAction 8

Message is flagged for the specified action.

olConditionFormName olConditionFormName olConditionFormName 23

Message uses the form specified in FormName.

olConditionFrom olConditionFrom olConditionFrom 1

Sender is in the recipient list specified in Recipients.

olConditionFromAnyRssFeed olConditionFromAnyRssFeed olConditionFromAnyRssFeed 31

Message is generated from any RSS subscription.

olConditionFromRssFeed olConditionFromRssFeed olConditionFromRssFeed 30

Message is generated from a specific RSS subscription.

olConditionHasAttachment olConditionHasAttachment olConditionHasAttachment 20

Message has one or more attachments.

olConditionImportance olConditionImportance olConditionImportance 6

Message is marked with the specified level of importance.

olConditionLocalMachineOnly olConditionLocalMachineOnly olConditionLocalMachineOnly 27

Rule can run only on the local machine.

olConditionMeetingInviteOrUpdate olConditionMeetingInviteOrUpdate olConditionMeetingInviteOrUpdate 26

Message is a meeting invitation or update.

olConditionMessageHeader olConditionMessageHeader olConditionMessageHeader 15

Message header contains words specified in TextRuleCondition.Text.

olConditionNotTo olConditionNotTo olConditionNotTo 11

Message does not have my name in the To box.

olConditionOnlyToMe olConditionOnlyToMe olConditionOnlyToMe 4

Message is sent only to me.

olConditionOOF olConditionOOF olConditionOOF 19

Message is an out-of-office message.

olConditionOtherMachine olConditionOtherMachine olConditionOtherMachine 28

Rule can run only on a specific machine that is not the current machine.

olConditionProperty olConditionProperty olConditionProperty 24

Document property is exactly, contains, or does not contain specified properties.

olConditionRecipientAddress olConditionRecipientAddress olConditionRecipientAddress 16

Recipient address contains words specified in TextRuleCondition.Text.

olConditionSenderAddress olConditionSenderAddress olConditionSenderAddress 17

Sender address contains words specified in TextRuleCondition.Text.

olConditionSenderInAddressBook olConditionSenderInAddressBook olConditionSenderInAddressBook 25

Sender is in the address list specified in AddressRuleCondition.Address.

olConditionSensitivity olConditionSensitivity olConditionSensitivity 7

Message is marked with the specified level of sensitivity.

olConditionSentTo olConditionSentTo olConditionSentTo 12

Sent to recipients (To, Cc) are in the recipient list specified in ToOrFromRuleCondition.Recipients.

olConditionSizeRange olConditionSizeRange olConditionSizeRange 21

Message size is between x and y in units of KB, where x and y are Integer values.

olConditionSubject olConditionSubject olConditionSubject 2

Subject contains words specified in TextRuleCondition.Text.

olConditionTo olConditionTo olConditionTo 5

My name is in the To box.

olConditionToOrCc olConditionToOrCc olConditionToOrCc 10

Message has my name in the To or Cc box.

olConditionUnknown olConditionUnknown olConditionUnknown 0

Unrecognized condition.


The list of rule condition types in this enumeration includes all the rule conditions and exception conditions that the Rules and Alerts Wizard supports. Note that while you can programmatically enumerate all the rule conditions and exception conditions for a rule, you can programmatically create a rule with only the most commonly used conditions. For more information, see Specifying Rule Conditions

For example, the rule condition types olConditionDateRange and olConditionSizeRange are supported only for enumeration and enabling or disabling in an existing rule. You cannot programmatically create a rule with such conditions. You cannot programmatically get or set the values of x and y that represent the range.

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