_Document.ToggleFormsDesign 方法


打开或关闭窗体设计模式。Toggles form design mode on or off.

 void ToggleFormsDesign();
public void ToggleFormsDesign ();
abstract member ToggleFormsDesign : unit -> unit
Public Sub ToggleFormsDesign ()


当 Word 处于窗体设计模式时,将显示“控件工具箱”工具栏。When Word is in form design mode, the Control Toolbox toolbar is displayed. 使用该工具箱可以插入各种 ActiveX 控件,如命令按钮、滚动条和选项按钮。You can use this toolbar to insert ActiveX controls such as command buttons, scroll bars, and option buttons. 在窗体设计模式下,不会运行事件过程,并且单击一个嵌入的控件后,就会出现控件的尺寸控点。In form design mode, event procedures don't run, and when you click an embedded control, the control's sizing handles appear.