WdNoteNumberStyle Enum


Specifies the number style to apply to endnotes, endnote options, footnotes, or footnote options.

public enum class WdNoteNumberStyle
public enum WdNoteNumberStyle
type WdNoteNumberStyle = 
Public Enum WdNoteNumberStyle


wdNoteNumberStyleArabic 0

Arabic number style.

wdNoteNumberStyleArabicFullWidth 14

Arabic full-width number style.

wdNoteNumberStyleArabicLetter1 46

Arabic letter style 1.

wdNoteNumberStyleArabicLetter2 48

Arabic letter style 2.

wdNoteNumberStyleHanjaRead 41

Hanja read number style.

wdNoteNumberStyleHanjaReadDigit 42

Hanja read digit number style.

wdNoteNumberStyleHebrewLetter1 45

Hebrew letter style 1.

wdNoteNumberStyleHebrewLetter2 47

Hebrew letter style 2.

wdNoteNumberStyleHindiArabic 51

Hindi Arabic number style.

wdNoteNumberStyleHindiCardinalText 52

Hindi Cardinal text style.

wdNoteNumberStyleHindiLetter1 49

Hindi letter style 1.

wdNoteNumberStyleHindiLetter2 50

Hindi letter style 2.

wdNoteNumberStyleKanji 10

Kanji number style.

wdNoteNumberStyleKanjiDigit 11

Kanji digit number style.

wdNoteNumberStyleKanjiTraditional 16

Kanji traditional number style.

wdNoteNumberStyleLowercaseLetter 4

Lowercase letter style.

wdNoteNumberStyleLowercaseRoman 2

Lowercase Roman number style.

wdNoteNumberStyleNumberInCircle 18

Number in circle number style.

wdNoteNumberStyleSimpChinNum1 37

Simplified Chinese number style 1.

wdNoteNumberStyleSimpChinNum2 38

Simplified Chinese number style 2.

wdNoteNumberStyleSymbol 9

Symbol number style.

wdNoteNumberStyleThaiArabic 54

Thai Arabic number style.

wdNoteNumberStyleThaiCardinalText 55

Thai Cardinal text style.

wdNoteNumberStyleThaiLetter 53

Thai letter style.

wdNoteNumberStyleTradChinNum1 33

Traditional Chinese number style 1.

wdNoteNumberStyleTradChinNum2 34

Traditional Chinese number style 2.

wdNoteNumberStyleUppercaseLetter 3

Uppercase letter style.

wdNoteNumberStyleUppercaseRoman 1

Uppercase Roman number style.

wdNoteNumberStyleVietCardinalText 56

Vietnamese Cardinal text style.

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