IDkmScriptSymbolCallback 接口


由脚本符号提供程序实现的回调接口,以便支持对编译为 JavaScript (或其他脚本语言) 的语言进行步进自定义。Callback interface implemented by script symbol providers in order to support stepping customizations for languages that compile to JavaScript (or possibly other script languages as well).

如果使用在其组件配置中定义的筛选器来调用此接口,则该接口的实现可能会限制。Implementations of this interface may restrict when they are called using a filter defined in their component configuration. 可以使用以下属性: RuntimeId、SymbolProviderId。The following properties may be used: RuntimeId, SymbolProviderId.

public interface class IDkmScriptSymbolCallback
public interface class IDkmScriptSymbolCallback
__interface IDkmScriptSymbolCallback
public interface IDkmScriptSymbolCallback
type IDkmScriptSymbolCallback = interface
Public Interface IDkmScriptSymbolCallback


GetNextSteppingAction(DkmScriptInstructionSymbol, DkmScriptInstructionSymbol, Boolean)

由脚本符号提供程序实现的回调,告诉脚本调试监视器在单步执行时要执行的操作。Call back implemented by the script symbol provider to tell the script debug monitor what to do next when stepping.