DkmProcess.ClearExceptionTriggers(Guid) 方法


删除已使用特定 SourceId 设置的所有异常触发器。Removes all the exception triggers which have been set with a particular SourceId. 此方法返回后,异常触发器将不再引发 ExceptionTriggerHit 事件。After this method returns, the exception triggers will no longer raise ExceptionTriggerHit events. 关闭 DkmProcess 对象时,会自动清除异常触发器。Exception triggers are automatically cleared when the DkmProcess object is closed.

 void ClearExceptionTriggers(Guid SourceId);
public void ClearExceptionTriggers (Guid SourceId);
member this.ClearExceptionTriggers : Guid -> unit
Public Sub ClearExceptionTriggers (SourceId As Guid)



中标识对象的源。[In] Identifies the source of an object. 当多个组件可能创建类的实例时,SourceIds 用于在方案中启用筛选。SourceIds are used to enable filtering in scenarios when multiple components may be creating instances of a class. 例如,源 id 可用于确定断点是否来自 AD7 AL (ex: user 断点或其他) SDM 级别可见的断点,而不是可能由另一个组件创建的断点 (例如,用于单步执行) 的内部断点。For example, source ids can be used to determine if a breakpoint comes from the AD7 AL (ex: user breakpoint, or other breakpoint visible at the SDM level) instead of a breakpoint which may be created by another component (for example an internal breakpoint used for stepping).