ReportParameter.State Property


描述参数的状态ParameterStateEnum()。Describes the state (ParameterStateEnum) of the parameter.

 property ReportService2005::ParameterStateEnum State { ReportService2005::ParameterStateEnum get(); void set(ReportService2005::ParameterStateEnum value); };
public ReportService2005.ParameterStateEnum State { get; set; }
member this.State : ReportService2005.ParameterStateEnum with get, set
Public Property State As ParameterStateEnum

Property Value


一个 ParameterStateEnum 值。A ParameterStateEnum value.


此属性的值可能在参数通过使用GetReportParameters方法的验证过程中根据输入发生变化。The value of this property may change based on input during the validation of the parameter through the use of the GetReportParameters method.

此属性的有效值可以是下列值之一:A valid value for this property may be one of the following:

  • HasValidValue–参数的有效值存在。HasValidValue –A valid value for the parameter exists.

  • MissingValidValue–参数的有效值不存在。MissingValidValue – A valid value for the parameter does not exist.

  • HasOutstandingDependencies–无法确定此参数的默认值/有效值, 因为它们依赖于其他参数。HasOutstandingDependencies – This parameter's default/valid values cannot be determined because they depend on another parameter. 请先指定所有依赖参数的值, 然后再设置此参数的值。Specify the value for all dependent parameters before setting the value of this parameter.

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