CacheRefreshPlan CacheRefreshPlan CacheRefreshPlan Class


表示缓存刷新计划。 Represents a cache refresh plan.

public ref class CacheRefreshPlan
[System.CodeDom.Compiler.GeneratedCode("wsdl", "2.0.50727.3038")]
public class CacheRefreshPlan
Public Class CacheRefreshPlan


缓存刷新计划是用户定义的计划预加载报表缓存或基于特定条件的共享数据集缓存。A cache refresh plan is a user-defined schedule to preload a report cache or shared dataset cache based on certain criteria.


CacheRefreshPlan() CacheRefreshPlan() CacheRefreshPlan()

创建的新实例CacheRefreshPlan类。 Creates a new instance of the CacheRefreshPlan class.


CacheRefreshPlanID CacheRefreshPlanID CacheRefreshPlanID

获取或设置缓存刷新计划的唯一标识符。 Gets or sets the unique identifier for the cache refresh plan.

Description Description Description

获取或设置缓存刷新计划的说明。 Gets or sets the description of for the cache refresh plan.

ItemPath ItemPath ItemPath

获取或设置要与缓存刷新计划关联的项的完全限定 URL,包括文件名(在 SharePoint 模式下,还有扩展名)。 Gets or sets the fully qualified URL of the item with which to associate the cache refresh plan, including the file name (and extension in SharePoint mode).

LastExecuted LastExecuted LastExecuted

获取或设置报表服务器上次执行缓存刷新计划的日期和时间。 Gets or sets the date and time that the cache refresh plan was last executed by the report server.

LastRunStatus LastRunStatus LastRunStatus

获取缓存刷新计划的最新执行状态。 Gets the most recent execution status of the cache refresh plan.

ModifiedBy ModifiedBy ModifiedBy

获取上次修改缓存刷新计划的用户。 Gets the user that last modified the cache refresh plan.

ModifiedDate ModifiedDate ModifiedDate

获取或设置上次修改缓存刷新计划的日期和时间。 Gets or sets the date and time the cache refresh plan was last modified.

State State State

获取或设置缓存刷新计划的状态。 Gets or sets the state of the cache refresh plan.