WorkflowInstanceState 枚举


指定 WorkflowInstance 的状态。Specifies the state of a WorkflowInstance.

public enum class WorkflowInstanceState
public enum WorkflowInstanceState
type WorkflowInstanceState = 
Public Enum WorkflowInstanceState


Aborted 3

WorkflowInstance 已中止。The WorkflowInstance is aborted. Abort 已获调用后,工作流实例将处于此状态。The workflow instance will be in this state after Abort has been called. 处于此状态的工作流能够使用 Run 进行恢复。A workflow in this state is capable of being resumed using Run.

Complete 2

WorkflowInstance 已完成。The WorkflowInstance is complete. 处于此状态的工作流已退出,并且它的 Completed 委托或 InvokeCompleted 事件已执行。A workflow in this state has exited, and its Completed delegate or InvokeCompleted event has executed.

Idle 0

WorkflowInstance 处于空闲状态。The WorkflowInstance is idle. 处于此状态的工作流正在等待传入事件(如何时执行 Pick 活动),或正在等待超时到期(如何时执行 Delay 活动)。A workflow in this state is waiting on an incoming event, such as when executing a Pick activity, or is waiting for the expiration of a timeout, such as when executing a Delay activity.

Runnable 1

WorkflowInstance 可运行。The WorkflowInstance can be run. 处于此状态的工作流已创建,但 Run 尚未获得调用。A workflow in this state has been created but Run has not been called.