PersistableIdleAction Enum


指定在允许持久性的情况下,当工作流进入空闲状态时发生的操作。Specifies the action that occurs when a workflow becomes idle when persistence is allowed.

public enum class PersistableIdleAction
public enum PersistableIdleAction
type PersistableIdleAction = 
Public Enum PersistableIdleAction


None 0

指定不采取任何操作。Specifies that no action is taken.

Persist 2

指定 WorkflowApplication 应保持工作流。Specifies that the WorkflowApplication should persist the workflow.

Unload 1

指定 WorkflowApplication 应保持并卸载工作流。Specifies that the WorkflowApplication should persist and unload the workflow.


当计划程序没有其他挂起的工作项且工作流运行时可以保持时,将调用 PersistableIdle 函数。The PersistableIdle function is invoked when the scheduler has no more pending work items and the workflow runtime can persist. 请注意,如果不允许持久性,则调用 Idle 函数;如果允许持久性,则按顺序调用 IdlePersistableIdleNote that the Idle function is invoked when persistence is not allowed, and both Idle and PersistableIdle are invoked in that order when persistence is allowed. 如果未PersistableIdle提供处理程序, 则默认操作为 None。None is the default action if no PersistableIdle handler is provided.

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