TrackingProfile.ImplementationVisibility 属性


获取或设置一个值,该值对从顶级活动内的嵌套活动(构成另一个活动的实现的活动)中发出的跟踪记录进行筛选。Gets or sets a value that filters tracking records emitted from nested activities within a top level activity (activities that compose the implementation of another activity.)

 property System::Activities::Tracking::ImplementationVisibility ImplementationVisibility { System::Activities::Tracking::ImplementationVisibility get(); void set(System::Activities::Tracking::ImplementationVisibility value); };
public System.Activities.Tracking.ImplementationVisibility ImplementationVisibility { get; set; }
member this.ImplementationVisibility : System.Activities.Tracking.ImplementationVisibility with get, set
Public Property ImplementationVisibility As ImplementationVisibility


一个 ImplementationVisibility 对象,该对象指示要筛选的记录的范围。An ImplementationVisibility object that indicates the scope of records to be filtered.

默认值为 RootScopeThe default value is RootScope.


可以使用跟踪配置文件内的两种可见性模式对跟踪记录进行筛选。Tracking records can be filtered using two visibility modes within a tracking profile. 可见性模式指定正在工作流内跟踪的活动。The visibility mode specifies the activities being tracked within the workflow. 由跟踪配置文件中的 implementationVisibility 设置指定的可见性模式包括:The visibility modes specified by the implementationVisibility setting in the tracking profile are:

此设置适用于复合活动(在其实现中包含其他活动的活动)跟踪记录的筛选。This setting applies to the filtering of tracking records for composite activities (activities that contain other activities within its implementation.)

如果implementationVisibilityRootScope , 并且复合活动不是工作流的根活动, 则只跟踪复合活动中的顶级活动。If implementationVisibility is RootScope and the composite activity is not the root activity for the workflow, only the top level activity within the composite activity is tracked. 如果设置为RootScope, 此标志将取消工作流的根中不可见的活动的跟踪记录。When set to RootScope, this flag suppresses the tracking records for activities that are not visible from the root of the workflow. 只会跟踪根活动及其实现。Only the root activity and its implementation are tracked. 如果该实现包含的活动是复合活动,则系统将跟踪此复合活动而不是其实现。If the implementation contains activities that are composite activities, then the composite activity is tracked but not its implementation.

例如, 如果创建了一个复合活动, 该活动是使用包含 "Activity1" 和 "Activity2" 的实现作为 "MyActivity" 实现的, 并且在将此活动添加到工作流时, implementationVisibility设置为RootScope仅为 "MyActivity" 而不是 "Activity1" 或 "Activity2" 发出跟踪记录。For example, if a composite activity is created that is implemented as "MyActivity" with an implementation containing "Activity1" and "Activity2", and implementationVisibility is set to RootScope, when this activity is added to a workflow tracking records are emitted only for "MyActivity" and not "Activity1" or "Activity2". 如果将implementationVisibility设置为All, 则会发出 "MyActivity"、"Activity1" 和 "Activity2" 的跟踪记录。If implementationVisibility is set to All, then tracking records for "MyActivity", "Activity1", and "Activity2" are emitted.