AppDomainManagerInitializationOptions Enum


指定在初始化一个新域时自定义应用程序域管理器应采取的操作。Specifies the action that a custom application domain manager takes when initializing a new domain.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class AppDomainManagerInitializationOptions
public enum AppDomainManagerInitializationOptions
type AppDomainManagerInitializationOptions = 
Public Enum AppDomainManagerInitializationOptions


None 0

无初始化操作。No initialization action.

RegisterWithHost 1

向非托管主机注册当前 AppDomainManager 的 COM 可调用包装。Register the COM callable wrapper for the current AppDomainManager with the unmanaged host.


这些标志用于AppDomainManager类中的属性设置。These flags are used for property settings in the AppDomainManager class. AppDomainManagerInitializationOptions标志仅适用于自定义应用程序域管理器; 它们不适用于默认管理器。The AppDomainManagerInitializationOptions flags apply only to custom application domain managers; they do not apply to the default manager. 默认InitializeNewDomain应用程序域管理器中的方法不执行任何操作。The InitializeNewDomain method in the default application domain manager does nothing. 默认枚举值为 None。The default enumeration value is None.

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