AppDomainSetup.ActivationArguments AppDomainSetup.ActivationArguments AppDomainSetup.ActivationArguments AppDomainSetup.ActivationArguments Property


获取或设置与应用程序域的激活有关的数据。Gets or sets data about the activation of an application domain.

 property System::Runtime::Hosting::ActivationArguments ^ ActivationArguments { System::Runtime::Hosting::ActivationArguments ^ get(); void set(System::Runtime::Hosting::ActivationArguments ^ value); };
public System.Runtime.Hosting.ActivationArguments ActivationArguments { get; set; }
member this.ActivationArguments : System.Runtime.Hosting.ActivationArguments with get, set
Public Property ActivationArguments As ActivationArguments


一个对象,其中包含与应用程序域的激活有关的数据。An object that contains data about the activation of an application domain.


属性设置为 ActivationArguments 对象,该对象的应用程序标识不匹配 ApplicationTrust 属性返回的 ApplicationTrust 对象的应用程序标识。The property is set to an ActivationArguments object whose application identity does not match the application identity of the ApplicationTrust object returned by the ApplicationTrust property. 如果 ApplicationTrust 属性为 null,则不会引发异常。No exception is thrown if the ApplicationTrust property is null.


如果将此属性设置为null,则不会引发异常。No exception is thrown if this property is set to null.

ActivationArguments对象提供的信息支持基于清单的激活。The information provided by the ActivationArguments object supports manifest-based activation.