ComponentDesigner.InitializeNonDefault 方法



此 API 现已过时。

对已初始化为非默认设置的导入组件的设置进行初始化。Initializes the settings for an imported component that is already initialized to settings other than the defaults.

 virtual void InitializeNonDefault();
public virtual void InitializeNonDefault ();
[System.Obsolete("This method has been deprecated. Use InitializeExistingComponent instead.")]
public virtual void InitializeNonDefault ();
abstract member InitializeNonDefault : unit -> unit
override this.InitializeNonDefault : unit -> unit
Public Overridable Sub InitializeNonDefault ()


当设计器与不处于其默认状态的控件关联时,将调用此方法,例如,使用拖放操作在设计器上粘贴或移动的控件。This method is called when the designer is associated with a control that is not in its default state, such as a control that you paste or move with a drag-and-drop operation onto the designer. 此方法为实现者提供了修改或隐藏组件属性的机会,而不是将组件的属性初始化为默认值。This method provides an opportunity for implementers to modify or shadow the properties of the component rather than initialize the properties for the component to their defaults. 在其他初始化函数后调用此方法。This method is called after the other initialization functions.