ConfigurationElementCollectionType ConfigurationElementCollectionType ConfigurationElementCollectionType ConfigurationElementCollectionType Enum


指定 ConfigurationElementCollectionType 对象的类型。Specifies the type of a ConfigurationElementCollectionType object.

public enum class ConfigurationElementCollectionType
public enum ConfigurationElementCollectionType
type ConfigurationElementCollectionType = 
Public Enum ConfigurationElementCollectionType


AddRemoveClearMap AddRemoveClearMap AddRemoveClearMap AddRemoveClearMap 1

ConfigurationElementCollection 的默认类型。The default type of ConfigurationElementCollection. 此类型的集合包含可在配置文件的层次结构中进行合并的元素。Collections of this type contain elements that can be merged across a hierarchy of configuration files. 在这类层次结构的任何特定级别中,均可使用 addremoveclear 指令修改任何继承的属性和指定新的属性。At any particular level within such a hierarchy, add, remove, and clear directives are used to modify any inherited properties and specify new ones.

AddRemoveClearMapAlternate AddRemoveClearMapAlternate AddRemoveClearMapAlternate AddRemoveClearMapAlternate 3

除了使 ConfigurationElementCollection 对象对其内容进行排序以将继承的元素排列在最后外,此类型与 AddRemoveClearMap 相同。Same as AddRemoveClearMap, except that this type causes the ConfigurationElementCollection object to sort its contents such that inherited elements are listed last.

BasicMap BasicMap BasicMap BasicMap 0

此类型的集合包含应用于指定的级别(由这些元素指定)和所有子级别的元素。Collections of this type contain elements that apply to the level at which they are specified, and to all child levels. 子级别不能修改由此类型的父元素指定的属性。A child level cannot modify the properties specified by a parent element of this type.

BasicMapAlternate BasicMapAlternate BasicMapAlternate BasicMapAlternate 2

除了使 ConfigurationElementCollection 对象对其内容进行排序以将继承的元素排列在最后外,此类型与 BasicMap 相同。Same as BasicMap, except that this type causes the ConfigurationElementCollection object to sort its contents such that inherited elements are listed last.


此枚举包含CollectionType属性的所有可能的返回值。This enumeration contains all the possible return values for the CollectionType property. 它由配置系统在运行时用于正确合并配置设置。It is used by the configuration system during run time to correctly merge configuration settings. 它还用于创建扩展ConfigurationElementCollection的自定义类。It is also used when creating a custom class that extends ConfigurationElementCollection.

默认情况下, ConfigurationElementCollection对象的类型为。 AddRemoveClearMapBy default, the type of a ConfigurationElementCollection object is AddRemoveClearMap. 如果需要, 请在扩展ConfigurationElementCollectionCollectionType重写属性。 BasicMapIf a BasicMap is required, override the CollectionType property when extending ConfigurationElementCollection.