System.Configuration.Provider 命名空间

System.Configuration.Provider 命名空间包含由服务器和客户端应用程序共享的基类,用于支持可插接式模型轻松地添加或移除功能。 The System.Configuration.Provider namespace contains the base classes shared by both server and client applications to support a pluggable model to easily add or remove functionality.


提供了针对可扩展的提供程序模型的基实现。Provides a base implementation for the extensible provider model.


表示从 ProviderBase 继承的提供程序对象的集合。Represents a collection of provider objects that inherit from ProviderBase.


当发生配置提供程序错误时引发的异常。The exception that is thrown when a configuration provider error has occurred. 如果提供程序内发生的内部错误没有映射到其他已存在的异常类,则提供程序也使用此异常类来引发异常。This exception class is also used by providers to throw exceptions when internal errors occur within the provider that do not map to other pre-existing exception classes.