DbDataReader.VisibleFieldCount Property


获取 DbDataReader 中未隐藏的字段的数目。 Gets the number of fields in the DbDataReader that are not hidden.

public virtual int VisibleFieldCount { get; }

未隐藏的字段的数目。 The number of fields that are not hidden.


此值用于确定 DbDataReader 中的可见字段的数目。This value is used to determine how many fields in the DbDataReader are visible. 例如,对分部主键执行 SELECT 将以隐藏字段的形式返回该键的其余部分。For example, a SELECT on a partial primary key returns the remaining parts of the key as hidden fields. 隐藏的字段始终追加在可见字段之后。The hidden fields are always appended behind the visible fields.